Art and Innovation in Light Experiments of Emil Salto Light Forms- October 14 at SECCA

By Staff
The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art presents the first solo museum exhibition of Danish artist Emil Salto in the United States. On view Oct. 14, 2014 through Jan. 3, 2015, Light Forms features monochromes, photograms, films and other time-based works with light and color that will provide audiences with various sensory experiences. An opening reception with the artist will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 6 pm.


Space, optics and perception converge in this exhibition as Salto taps into rich histories of Modernism. In the darkroom, Salto investigates the immediacy and uncertainty of analog photographic processes by balancing structured formal investigations and chance. Light Forms will include several photo series and two new site-specific installations that will immerse viewers in color and lightscapes. One will create shadow play using an oversized mobile. The other will shuffle through carousels of handmade color slides, creating a progression of hues and geometries.

“Salto’s use of light and color challenges notions of art as a static experience by engaging visitors in a process of exploring visual and spatial perceptions,” says SECCA Executive Director Mark Leach. “Salto’s closely honed experiments with time and light bring the artist’s process of making into a shared space where visitors are invited to experience how light shapes our perception of space, time and memory.”

The blend of art and science in an exhibition is well suited for the Winston-Salem audience in the ‘City of Art and Innovation.’ SECCA Curator of Contemporary Art Cora Fisher adds, “Salto’s work vibrates in the present tense. At the same time, it taps into a local history of modernism and experimentation rooted in North Carolina, when the Bauhaus movement was taken up by a generation of American artists like Robert Rauschenberg at Black Mountain College.”

Shown next to the exhibition of Kevin Jerome Everson’s narrative films, also on display, Salto’s work with film is comparatively abstract, scientific and philosophical. However fluidity between abstraction and narrative reveal themselves to viewers in time. Like Everson, narratives of discovery and personal history are embodied in Salto’s work, such as the artistic call and response between Salto and his grandfather, an early photography experimenter himself who left a body of 35mm slides that the younger Salto has spun into a photo series of his own.

A graduate of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Salto lives and works in Denmark. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions and his solo exhibitions in Europe include at the Melk Gallery in Oslo, Norway; the Henningsen Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark; and the Randers Kunstmuseum in Randers, Denmark.

SECCA is located at 750 Marguerite Drive and is open Tuesday through Sunday. For hours of operations and other information, visit HERE. Admission to SECCA is free. “Emil Salto: Light Forms” is made possible in part by the Danish Arts Foundation.