UPDATED: Bill Moyers Documentary Blacked Out in NC

By Staff

Legendary journalist Bill Moyers has created a new documentary about North Carolina’s politics in 2013 titled North Carolina: State of Conflict. As of press time Saturday,  UNC-TV does not have the show scheduled to air in our state – essentially blacking out the documentary to all but those who are able to access it through the internet.



“First it was Wisconsin. Now it’s North Carolina that is redefining the term ‘battleground state,’” the show’s website says. “On one side: a right-wing government enacting laws that are changing the face of the state. On the other: citizen protesters who are fighting back against what they fear is a radical takeover.”

The show’s producers visited North Carolina over the summer, when people were gathering for weekly Moral Monday protests against the agenda of the Republican supermajority-controlled legislature and the McCrory administration. In all, more than 900 people were arrested for engaging in civil disobedience outside lawmakers’ chambers.

State of Conflict is more than a local story,” states BillMoyers.com. “It offers a case study of what may be the direction of American politics for years, perhaps decades, to come.”

CCD has contacted UNC-TV asking why they have chosen not to air the show, and has not gotten a response. We will publish that response, explanation, or statement when it becomes available. In the meantime, CCD would like to bring our readers Mr. Moyer’s excellent and illuminating documentary in full below.



With a tip from a reader, CCD has found out that UNC-TV did and will air the documentary exclusively via digital cable services such as Time Warner Cable, but is not available for those who do not have the digital cable service or view through broadcast.   The documentary can be found on UNC’s MX service at the following times:


01/03/2014 – 10:00pm – 10:59pm

01/04/2014 – 6:00pm – 6:59pm

As our reader put it best: Yes, however it is/was broadcast over-the-air as a digital subchannel of UNC-TV. If a NC viewer who does not have cable and gets his/her TV via a digital antenna connected to a TV with a digital tuner AND he/she knows HOW to dig in the digital tuning and actually FIND the digital subchannel for UNC-MX, then yes, they could watch it. So UNC-TV is going to say, “We DID air it.”.




UNC-TV spokesperson Rebekah Radisch returned CCD’s inquiry regarding the airing of Mr. Moyers’ documentary in North Carolina.  Here statement in full:
We air Moyers & Company on our UNC-MX channel (currently only available on digital cable). The State of Conflict episode aired on UNC-MX yesterday at 10 PM and airs again today at 6 PM.


CCD is glad that they are airing the show and we are also happy to announce that because of this posting 950 individuals in NC have watched the Moyers’  important documentary since Saturday morning when this piece was first run.




The people of North Carolina must be interested and hungry for the information in Mr. Moyers’ documentary.  As of 6:30pm on a Saturday over 1,775 individual readers have viewed this documentary through our small, local media outlet.




Perhaps citizens who watch broadcast TV and basic cable were not the only ones blacked out from viewing State of Conflict.   DirectTV subscribers were also not able to see the program on their service.  From the comments below:

I’m glad you’re glad that it’s being aired, but since you can actually get them to respond to your questions (the general public would never have such luck), could you please ask why it’s not being aired on either their main channel or their Explorer channel, both of which are picked up by DirecTV?



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  1. 1JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged1 says:

    I’ve been out of work so long I can’t remember the dates. I had to give up paid cable and satellite services long ago. I finally get the free digital signal from UNC and UNC KD and UNC EX but cannot get UNC MX. I can’t imagine I’m alone in this. I’ll agree that I’ve never see a Moyer & Co show on UNC TV. If it’s something they don’t regularly air, then maybe they should remove a show that’s not that popular or significant in these tumultuous political times and air Moyer & Co. Additionally, I would like to know why UNC TV doesn’t air Free Speech TV? Shouldn’t a teaching network offer such programming? When I can find an extra $5.00 I do donate it to UNC TV because I appreciate having any television at all, especially non-commercialized. I’d like though to see some more options of news, particularly Free Speech TV. I’ll write them a letter.

  2. Also not available on dish….that cuts out many rural viewers.

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  4. I could not get the program on channel 32 of the Dish Network. I e-mailedUNCTV and got a response that they didn’t censor the program and I could watch it on the internet. However, not showing it on the normal channels in NC is a form of censorship!!

  5. What cause?

  6. If you think critically about it, which you don’t, liberals! Moyer is a corrupted corporation in himself! Working as a product of liberal media bias and confusion. You baught it and own it and love it and cherished the rule it held for so many years here in NC. It is over! Thank god! Get used to it, you narrow minded elitest liberals. You should have faught for somthing worth fighting for. You took your eyes off the ball. Your world is crumbling, too bad!

    • NCCommonSense says:

      Well aren’t you just the perfect example of southern redneck… your spelling is a train-wreck! “Baught” vs. “bought”, “faught” vs. “fought”. As a narrow (ha!) minded elitist liberal (oh yeah, you spelled “elitest” wrong too), at the very least I have FAR more education than you ever will. Complete sentences? Do you even know what they are? Did you finish the 8th grade? As far as the “liberal media” bias is concerned, you far right-wing/tea-bag types have created that misnomer out of fear and hysteria, completely unfounded with any simple logic, which of course, you have none. Lastly, names are spelled with capital letters “P”orky “P”ig… perhaps you should spend some time educating yourself instead of consuming pork fat. Just thinking critically here…

    • Margaret Sturman says:

      We are not confused, we just want access to information, and we are supposed to have free speech. If someone like Rush Limbaugh can spout his poison over the airwaves on a daily basis, surely Mr. Moyers can also broadcast his show without being hindered by behind the scenes manipulation. I really don’t think our world is crumbling. All extremist measures taken by corporate owned governments will have to make way for well informed voters. Maybe that’s why the voting process is being corrupted. Can’t win, change the rules. Whether liberal or conservative, all citizens should be free to express their opinion. That’s what the first amendment is all about. It works for everyone. Sorry.

  7. South Caroliina’s SCETV scheduled this show to be shown at 10am Sunday (yesterday) so I set my DVR. Did you know that SCETV experienced “Technical Difficulties” Sunday at 10am? At 10am when this show was scheduled to be shown?

    • Margaret Sturman says:

      I live in South Florida where there is a lot of rightist influence. Many times PBS schedules programs I am unable to watch on UVERSE (ATT). There is certainly self-censorship driven by the corporations who now sponsor public radio and TV. That is the direct result of Public TV and radio defunding by the federal government. They only contribute a fraction of what they used to so the money has to come from somewhere. In this market, (South Florida) there are NO liberal radio stations or shows, so I’d like to know where to find this “liberal media” everyone is talking about.

  8. Do we know how much Pope and Pope related groups donate to UNC-TV? Now THAT would be interesting information.

  9. UVerse customers were also not able to view, it listed as program content, but when I recorded it another program was in its place. This is censorship, obviously Pope and his cronies are paying more money to UNC TV than the rest of the state are, but we can change that by not supporting my $100 to them. Online is fine for me although it is not for everyone. This just shows how they do not want the nation to see what is happening in NC. That is why I say time to support #boycottnc through tourism dollars, conferences and meetings.

  10. watched it all – thank you – knew about Pope, wrote a petition that he must go – I hope this makes the state more aware of what he is doing — think back to the film “Mr Smith goes to Washington” about how one man owned a state.

    I wonder if his appointment to the UNC Advisory Board has anything to do with the UNC-TV black out of this program.

  11. All of the halfbacks almost ruined this beautiful state.

  12. What Republicans have done in MY state is absolutely appalling! Evil seems more like it. Thank you for this expose.

  13. I am an NC native who lives in Georgia. I would be very interested in seeing this program. How is available outside North Carolina?

    • Apparently, it’s mainly available by NOT being in North Carolina. All you have to do is check your public TV outlets to see whether they carry the Moyers show. Or you could do as suggested above and watch it ON THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE. It’s embedded just above the comments.

  14. Is there anything different about how this Moyers and Company was aired versus all other Moyers and Company on UNC? “Blacked out” sounds like the author believes there was an active effort to suppress this particular documentary on that station, yet from what I can tell, M&C has, for quite some time, only been on the MX station.

  15. PY_Worcester says:

    every time I think I’ve regained my equilibrium, a new right wing attack on free speech and other civil rights comes along to shock me all over again. wake up, America, wake up, wake up, wake up

  16. Henrik Pedersen says:

    Your country has some similarities with the USSR, some 30 years ago.

  17. Elise Hermann Jokell says:

    It is available on YouTube.

  18. I’d like to see SCETV broadcast this show in SC. Many Charlotteans and other border area viewers can watch these stations…

  19. And, who was just appointed to the UNC board of governors???

  20. Read the entire report on the internet yesterday and it is a truthful but obviously unpopular political exposé. Must reexamine my commitment to financially supporting UNC-TV as I have done for many years. Tough choices are tough for a reason…

  21. Keep tabs on it Bill Moyers. Much appreciated and it does seem (Money & Politics)
    will be the issue for decades to come. We the people have leverage and are a force
    to be dealt with.

  22. Emily C. Whiteley says:

    I think I will offer this to my college students as an extra credit project. Those that promote censorship need to be watched closely. I will no longer support UNC-TV in their pledge drives.

    • Thank you for being such a great professor! Thank you for your support.

      And, we will be back in Raleigh for HKoJ, and, later, Moral Mondays. I would get arrested again, if it would help.

  23. WUNC Censoring Programming says:

    If you support WUNC TV, I would not during their next drive if you believe this documentary should have been seen on their main channel.

  24. Anne Griffis Wilson says:

    Let’s all write our PBS station, UNC-TV, and encourage the station to air this informational/educational show for all North Carolinians to view. This could easily become the catalyst that might change the course of our state! Send your message to viewer@unctv.org.

  25. I am a financial supporter of UNC-TV. I have just sent them the following email:

    “Last year I donated $250 to UNC-TV with every intention of continuing my
    annual support at that level. In light of your refusal to air Bill
    Moyers’s program North Carolina: State of Conflict on
    standard-tier cable and satellite, broadcasting it only on UNC-MX with
    no fanfare and in dead time slots, I must seriously reconsider that
    support. It is disingenuous at best and cowardly at worst to bury the
    program in such a way that you can claim, “Oh, but we did air it” without making it available to everyone in the state.”

    • roanokeislander says:

      can i paste that into my e-mail to them as well? me too.

      • I would recommend saying the same thing in your own words. Organizations are wary of receiving duplicates of the same message — they’re much more likely to take a trylu personal message to heart.

        • This concerns me for obvious reasons but I’m not sure it it’s entirely accurate. UNC-TV never schedules and shows Moyers and Company over the air so i’m not sure it’s technically a “blackout.” However, I recorded it on the SC public tv network this morning and they showed a different episode even though the program description was for the NC-themed one.

          The Charlotte PBS affiliate shows the program as well but I don’t know which episode they broadcasted this morning.

    • that’s an idiotic and ignorant comment, my guess is you’re a white male teabaggin’ fool

      • Sorry to disappoint you. I am actually a female independent voter. Your personal attack is neither appropriate nor warranted. My comment is due to the fact that this documentary was not “blacked out” in NC. A black out is when a specific show is purposefully not shown. This was just a regular episode of Bill Moyer’s regular weekly program called Moyer & Co. It, like all other tv programs contracted with media outlets to air their program. His program is regularly seen on that cable station. Go to his website and check it out. The prior week’s episode was about the Pope and a few weeks before that, it was a “documentary” about incarceration in America. All episodes were shown at their regularly scheduled time on their regular station. Who’ the ignorant one? I did my homework and being independent, I don’t just take at face value anything politically motivated by either side of the aisle. I check it out to find the truth. I actually detailed this is a separate comment above, but apparently, the powers that be don’t like the truth on their discussion thread and never included my full explanation.

    • Moyers and Co. is NOT shown on the normal over-the-air WUNC channel. Other shows that I hear promoted on NPR are not shown either. I support WUNC radio but their TV folks will not get a nickle of mine!

  26. WOW!! I din’t get to watch this on TV, but thank you for giving me access here. As a NC citizen, I knew some of this, but did not know how deep the rot went.

  27. Mentalfarmer says:

    May I suggest that each of us who have internet service show this film to 10 people who do not?

  28. John Morrison says:

    GOP censorship. Am I surprise that the GOP is the vanguard of the police state?

    • Careful with that statement. I, and some of my fellow police officer, are ardent Democrats. Use your paintbrush elsewhere.

      • It is not just the GOP. Political Influence does cross the isle and if that is true then the party in power should be getting the most money. Check the facts. As for me, i want those in power to represent the american people, not corporations. Let us look at the law passed in NC that makes it illegal for state tax money to be used to build a broadband system that competes with for profit corporations. That was proposed by a Dem but passed by bipartisan agreement. It is both sides of the isle.

        • Easy fix to the ban on building broadband that competes with for-profit corporations: tell Congress to enact a federal law allowing tax dollars to be used to build broadband that competes against for-profit corporations. Federal law, via the Supremacy Clause, would then usurp state law on building broadband.

          • I just joined the staff of AshevilleFM, which is expanding from internet broadcasting to radio, in the near future. The great thing is that folks have freedom to pursue their own interests. We volunteer, and, our newscast attempts to include anything of local, state, and national interest.

            We ALL need to use our voices, loud and clear, so, those abusing their power are kept in the light, and, not scurry and hide like cockroaches.

            We are ALL needed, in the pursuit of justice and proper process.

        • Kit Kimberly says:

          What “isle” is it that it crosses? Masonboro? Ocracoke?

          You mean aisle. :-/

      • John Morrison says:

        “Police state” has little to do with actual law enforcement officers. IT is connected to censorship and other anti-democratic practices.

      • Really dude? Really? REALLY? You don’t know what “police state” means?!?!!?!?!

  29. James Hepler says:

    I’m glad you’re glad that it’s being aired, but since you can actually get them to respond to your questions (the general public would never have such luck), could you please ask why it’s not being aired on either their main channel or their Explorer channel, both of which are picked up by DirecTV?

    • Mr. Helper,

      Thank you, sir! You have an excellent point and serious question. We will ask that question in our follow up and will re-post your comment above. Thank you for reading and thank you very much for the tip.

  30. Thommy Berlin says:

    propaganda and censorship… what a surprise.

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