Bookmarks Festival Brings Authors into Winston-Salem Schools

By Staff

The Bookmarks festival (Saturday Sept. 8) is teaming up with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to bring authors into Camel City classrooms this week. The festival will take place Saturday downtown on Trade Street. The following is a list of authors and the schools they will be attending on Friday.
Balsley, Tilda & Ellen Fischer- Brunson Elementary,Kindergarten
Cass, Kiera- Mt. Tabor High, high school
Ephron, Amy- East Forsyth High School, 11th or 12th grade
Fox, Kevin- Reynolds High, English Class
Gratz- Alan- Philo-Hill Academy, 6th grade
Gratz, Alan- Northwest Middle, 6th grade
Hicks, Betty- Union Cross
Hicks, Betty- Piney Grove, 2nd grade
Holub, Joan- Old Richmond, 3rd grade
Holub, Joan- Petree
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- JFK High, high school
King, James- Winston-Salem Prep Upper level English class, Journalism
Lyons, Kelly- Starling North Hills, 2nd grade
Lyons, Kelly- Starling Meadowlark
Ogburn, Jacqueline- Clemmons Elementary, 1st grade
Ogburn, Jacqueline- Morgan Elementary, 1st grade
Santiago, Esmeralda- West Forsyth, Latino Achievers WSFC
Scattergood, Augusta- Moore Elementary, 5th grade
Scattergood, Augusta- Clemmons Middle, 6th grade
Tiernan, Cate- Mineral Springs Middle, 8th grade