Camel City Over Coffee – Sunday News Roundup

All around the world it’s the same old song, y’all…

In case you missed a few bits of important info here in Camel City we figured we would begin to post these on Sunday mornings so you don’t have to go data mining to find the important stories from the past here in Winston-Salem. Thank you all for helping make this first official week of the Camel City Dispatch a great one! Please continue to read and share our stories if you are interested in real, independent journalism here in Winston-Salem.






Camel City Top Story:

Winston-Salem and the Forsyth County governments have extended an offer of financial incentives with a company called CFS II that has a seriously shady past. From a multimillion dollar ponzi scheme to Federal Fraud charges this deal doesn’t look so great under the microscope. Exclusive from the Camel City Dispatch with follow up coming next week.





On the Streets of Camel City:

According to local authorities there is a serial arsonist on the lose in downtown Winston-Salem. Camel City Dispatch has been on the story all week, including our very first on the scene coverage of a fire.






Where We Live

The Yadkin River and High Rock Lake are where Camel City gets it’s drinking water. Alcoa fumbled in their request for a license to further use the river in spite of their dismal record of moving NC jobs over-seas and polluting the Yadkin. Now they want a “do over”.




Through the cracks…

County Commissioner Bill Whiteheart made statements in a public meeting on Thursday that can charitably be referred too as racially insensitive.





In our Schools

Camel City’s kids had a great first week of school and the Forsyth County School Board hired a new principal for RJ Reynolds High School.






Blog/Column of the Week

Ed Bumgardner knocks one out of the park with his review of the new Ry Cooder album Election Special.