crab killer

CCD Father’s Day Poetry – Sam Barbee

The Crab Killer After church and fried chicken, we went fishing most every Sunday. Seldom missed incoming tide. In his folding chair, webbing frayed and green, Daddy smoked those Camels. I chased my beach ball, primary colors spinning down the hard sand. I scrawled words and pictures into the gray […]

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Year 2 for Bookmarks Summer Reading Program

By Staff Bookmarks Summer Reading Program, now in its second year, helps students, parents, and teachers prepare for the annual Bookmarks Festival of Books and Authors, which will take place September 8th –10th. K-12 students across North Carolina are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Program. Participants will have […]


CCD Sunday Short Fiction- My Late Night Rhapsody- Catching Up with Pancho Villa at the Motel 6

By William C. Crawford Jimmy Pro delivered; he always does. He promised clean, cheap lodging. But no gurantees of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. We could save some big bucks booking by the week, the length of our West Texas photo shoot. Hard by the interstate, nestled in by the sprawling railroad […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry- Robert Jennings

Spectacular Distant speck Once thought a star Identified, Classified, magnified. What we thought Has been proved not. Intensified, scrutinized, Hubblized. As we look closer With clear exposure Not a single ball after all No solitary light with no context, But a billion or so whirling specks What else “bout you […]

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lewie and blair

CCD Sunday Short Fiction by Dennis Straub

Lewie and Blair   Butch McAfee had a couple of his bully boys chasing me. He was still sore at me for getting his nephew busted. I knew they were packing heat. Butch’s boys always did. There were too many people around to start any gun play. Not that they’d […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry – Spring Poems by Grace Ellis

A MURMURATION OF STARLINGS Starlings are singularly unattractive birds. They brashly strut, off-kilter. Their hoarse racket rattles our ears As they invade our fields and backyard feeders, Leading us to curse the fool Who first released these European immigrants In Central Park, in honor of Shakespeare. But in early spring, […]

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CCD Sunday Fiction by Teri Hairston

Salvaged Someone had thrown them away.  Two chairs.  I parked my Jeep in front of the dumpster so that I could take a closer look.  They were dirty.  Grime was caked in the seats. Crayon marks on the white ladder backs of the chairs made me think that the previous […]

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saigon 1963

CCD Sunday Poetry – Michael Gaspeny

Ashes from Saigon (1963) All I knew was Madame Nhu. I knew her from the fashion magazines. Later, I read she said, “I’d love another monk barbecue.” Roy set The Ledger Star on the dinner table. Next to my chafing dish of beef stroganoff, you sat in flames. I shouted, […]

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book sale

Coming Soon – 29th Annual Shepherd’s Center Used Book Sale

By Staff The Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem will hold its 29th Annual Used Book Sale on Thursday, May 5 and Friday, May 6 from 9 am to 9 pm, and on Saturday, May 7 from 8am to 2pm. Parking and Admission will be free. The sale will be held […]

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for grandma

CCD Weekend Short Fiction- Hugging for Grandma

by Stanley McFarland “Please excuse me,” said Daddy. He got up from the table, put his arm in front of his face, bent over and walked into the kitchen. “Daddy’s crying,” said Lucy in her, ‘I’ve got a secret’ whisper. “Crying?” I said out loud. “Daddy doesn’t cry.” “Your father […]

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