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Winston-Salem Writers Announce 2015 Flying South Winners

By Staff Winston-Salem Writers have  announced the winners of the fifth annual Flying South literary competion. Winston-Salem Writers is an organization of writers who write fiction, non-fiction, plays and poetry, and who “care about the art and craft of writing”. They offer programs, workshops, critique groups, open mic nights, web-based writing, writers’ […]

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BookMarks Brings in the Big Names for 2015

By Staff   Bookmarks has announced their full author lineup for the 2015 Festival of Books and Authors to be held from September 10 – 12. The list of authors have published a combined 300 New York Times bestsellers and received many accolades including national and international prizes. The free […]

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CCD Sunday Stories – “Exercise” by Clay Howard

CCD Sunday Stories – “Exercise” by Clay Howard

By Clay Howard   “Twenty-five years is long enough. ” The last time I exercised – “on purpose,” as I like to joke, was as a college freshman, twenty-five+ years ago. Hip-Hop had yet to take over as the popular form of “music,” stereos were still accepted as pieces of […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry – Works by John Haugh

Internet prayer There is a woman I have not met, an economist with a written voice like fine silver bells, grappling with node biopsies and bilateral mastectomy – seven hours of surgery. Coworkers’ keyboards tack-chack away as I weep at my desk for a woman whose voice grew toward friendship […]


CCD Sunday Short Fiction – “Five Segues” by Robin Chalkley

By Robin Chalkley I have crumbs on my keyboard. I am worthless. Such were the thoughts of Andy Kyle as he sat forlorn at his computer with head in hands. One day away from the deadline for the Alfred Beddoes Short Story Contest, and he had bupkis. He owned that […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry – Works by Edward Robson

  FROM EVERY SLEEP AND EVERY FALL “Not whether,” Mother says, “but when.” (“And how,” she could have added, but she doesn’t.) The point is, Dad is eighty-seven. Something’s going to happen. He fell on Tuesday—that was what she called to tell me— right beside the bed, sometime past midnight. […]

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CCD Sunday Short Fiction – “Extractions” by Ray Morrison

By Ray Morrison   He lies awake, unable to sleep, and listens to sleet battering the bedroom window. The room is dark and cold, the darkness cut only by the green glow of the digital clock on the table next to him. Beside him, Liz’s soft, rhythmic breathing counters the […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry- Works by Donna Wallace

Barista Beat perk or press, drip, espress hot or cold, bright or bold spray your tongue, be among cuppers, sippers, caffeine trippers morning mud in your blood get that vital morning buzz our local roast, we can boast no finer grind to clear the mind let it loose with jitter […]

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Camel City Sunday Short Fiction – “Boys in the Photograph” by Carol Roan

By Carol Roan Louisa lingered at the Hadrosaurus foulkii skeleton, happy to find something, anything to delay walking down the hall toward the gala opening of the Museum’s Spring Valley room. Michael’s Spring Valley room, really. His photography. Why did I tell Michael I’d come? She hated openings, hated the […]

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CCD Sunday Poetry – Works by Becky Gould Gibson

PIT-COOKED “Read the Bible. Jesus saves you from hell.” – Hand-held sign at the entrance to the Barbecue Competition next to a closed-down furniture factory, Lexington, NC, April 2011 for Melanie They brought their own fire, heretic half-rounds Of hickory stacked against evening, drawn down To embers in metal oil […]

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