Under the Fan

drat the luck

Under The Big Ass Fan- Drat The Luck

By Jack Pennington I think I was twenty four when I finally sold the last of my punk albums back to Ed McKay for rent money. I had been holding on to the same copy of Nevermind the Bollocks for over a decade at that point, but probably hadn’t listened […]

all them witches

Under the Big Ass Fan – All Them Witches: Rock & Roll Revenants

By Jack Pennington Here was an entire industry to help the next Beatles, Stones, Prince, Hendrix, to prop them up and support them every step of the way. There are still record companies, and it does apply to pop, rap, and country to an extent. But for performers who are […]

roadkill ghost choir

Under the Big Ass Fan – Roadkill Ghost Choir – Micro Doc

By Jack Pennington Trippy, spacy and a little folky. These cats from my birth state, Florida, know how to teleport your brain pan to an alternate reality, and make you feel as if you’re drifting through some sort of heavy, syrupy, astral soup. Is this what it felt like to […]

hole one residence - designer adam sebastian

The Garage – Modernist Architecture – Mayberry Moderns Comes to W-S

By Staff   At 5:30pm on May 1, Winston-Salem’s architecture geeks and folks who appreciate Modernist architecture will have the opportunity to find out firsthand exactly why North Carolina has the third most Modernist houses than any other state. North Carolina’s George Smart will be bringing his “Mayberry Modernism” lecture […]

Under the Big Ass Fan – Desert Noises – Micro Doc

Under the Big Ass Fan – Desert Noises – Micro Doc

By Jack Pennington Always great to be back under the big ass fan at The Garage. My favorite thing to do at The Garage is to show up with no prior knowledge of the band playing and be totally surprised. And this night happened to be a rare treat. Desert […]

Phuzz Phest @ The Garage 2014

Phuzz Phest @ The Garage 2014

Local documentary filmmaker Jack Pennington with Tell Stories, Change the World takes us inside The Garage for Puzz Phest 2014 night 2.  Includes an interview with The Garage’s Tucker Tharpe and footage of the amazing bands that are making Phuzz Phest a growing music event to buzz about. Director/editor Jack […]

photo by andrew synowiez

Phuzz Phest Interview – Mount Moriah – Go For A Drive

By Asia Sheppard   The best music tells a story and the best music needs air. The profound and passionate music of Durham, NC natives, Mount Moriah, will make you want to go for a drive down a country road with the windows way down. Every song takes you on […]

jessica lea mayfield

Phuzz Phest Interview – Jessica Lea Mayfield is a Quiet Riot

By Asia Sheppard Jessica Lea Mayfield is a quiet riot. This Kent, Ohio native hypnotizes and mesmerizes with her haunting voice and stirring lyrics. Her new album, Make My Head Sing . . . (which will be released on April 15) is just what the doctor ordered. In a world […]

all them witches

Phuzz Phest Interview – All Them Witches – Foobar on a Tuesday

By Asia Sheppard   Nashville, Tenn. is known as Music City, U.S.A. It is where great music lives and breathes. All Them Witches embodies the Nashville sound and more. Their music is dark, sexy and gritty. They call their style “psychedelta rock” but it is more than that. They flirt […]

black taxi - photo by tucker tharpe

Under the Big Ass Fan – Black Taxi at The Garage

By Timothy Beeman II   When Black Taxi comes to The Garage, owner Tucker Tharpe gets excited. Why? For one, he knows he’s going to have a good crowd – a very good crowd. Another reason? He’s a huge fan. Well, guess what… Black Taxi came to town on Friday, […]