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quick, southern, and gud

Sundried Tomato Polenta & Chipotle Mushrooms Over Collard Greens

  By Jahdai Jeffries   Quick, southern, and gud. That’s right, gud. This dish is so versatile  it can be vegan, vegetarian, or with seafood and or meat, there really is no limit. I have always loved polenta, hell, grits, what true southern person ain’t ate em some grits? So, polenta […]


Jahdai Wants you to Name that Salad

  By Jahdai Jeffries   Quick Hit. A recipe for the home, a friends home, a home you just broke into, or just simply any home will do. Todays quick hit is a salad, yep a quick salad, but a good one none the less. We all make em, sometimes […]

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Cooking With Jahdai- Sevillana inspired Lentil Stew

  By Jahdai Jeffries My next recipe came out of a recent trip to España, down south to Sevilla, the capital city of Andalucia. Food is a celebration in Spain. A celebration that includes family and friends- lots of family and friends. Some of these celebrations include “Noche Buena”, the […]


Eggplant Marinade – Lasts All Week

  By Jahdai Jeffries Sometimes you just want a sandwich. Or maybe just a quick wrap, but all too often you may not have the time to put something together. Well today, I have just the thing that you can make on a Sunday and use all week for wraps, […]

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Breakfast For Dinner – Flapjacks Jahdai Style

  By Jahdai Jefferies Flapjacks, griddlecakes, silverdollars, hotcakes, and plain old Pancakes! Just a few of the names for what is this weeks recipe. Now, when most people hear these words, almost instantly think; sausage, eggs and bacon and hashbrowns, with tons of cheap, artificially made maple syrup, and a […]

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Jahdai Jeffries Camel City Mock Tuna Recipe

Jahdai Jeffries Camel City Mock Tuna Recipe

By Jahdai Jeffries Subway, Burger King, the average run of the mill veggie burger (insert any location here). The salad bar, oh lets not forget the salad bar! In extreme cases, a regular hamburger minus the meat. These are just some of the choices that we as vegetarians and vegans […]

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sushi RAW

Sushi in the RAW

By Jahdai Jeffries What do the words Ahi, Ikura, Tobiko, and Nori all have in common with this week’s recipe? Well, nothing exactly. Yes, these are terms used in Sushi, but that is where their commonality ends. We are going to be making Sushi, minus the fish, but yet still […]

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serve and enjoy

Camel City Recipes – Enchiladas Vegetarianas

By Jahdai Jeffries 08/23/2012   Enchiladas: A luscious Mexican dish filled with different meats, soaking in tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese. Delicious, that is true, but not necessarily vegetarian and not a synonym of healthy food, either.   Who said that we can’t take this dish and turn […]

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