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Dead Men Walking- 25 Essential Zombie Flicks

Dead Men Walking- 25 Essential Zombie Flicks

by Miles Bumgardner When there’s no more room in production hell, the dead shall walk in the silver screen! Ah yes, don’t we all love a good zombie flick? The most human monster of all, and therefore the most terrifying, the zombie genre is something that is here to stay […]

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The Wicker Man

Recommended Macabre- Your CCD Guide to the Best Halloween Horror Movies

By Alexander Miles   With Halloween just around the corner its seems like the ideal time to start bringing out the “skeletons in the closet” and dust off the flying broomsticks.  Its also a good excuse to sink your fangs into some delicious vintage horror classics, fresh from the grave […]


Godzilla Raids Again- aka Gigantis the Fire Monster

by Alexander Miles What could possibly be more exciting that a giant fire breathing monster from Hell crushing an entire city? Two giant fire breathing monsters from Hell! In the wake of destruction left behind the cinematic success of the original 1954 Godzilla, Toho Studios went back to work rebuilding […]


Notes on Newtown – An Aspergers Insider

Editor’s note:  That’s right folks… CCD has a beloved member of our staff who lives daily with Asperger’s Syndrome.  He is a wonderful young man and excellent writer named Miles Bumgardner.  Under the pen name “Alexander Miles” he has been writing our popular cult cinema column.  Directly on the heels the […]


The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

  By Alexander Miles Its a familiar scene in the horror genre: the obsessed man of science, the bubbling laboratory with unknown chemicals, thunder and lightning casting a dark presence, maybe a Tesla coil or two, and the lifeless body that is slowly brought back to life. Surely you can […]


Nosferatu- A Symphony of Horror (1922)

  By Alexander Miles Imagine yourself standing alone on a cold dark night in front of a crumbling gothic castle. The moon is rising and casting ominous shapes around the landscape. Suddenly the castle gates swing open, beckoning you to come inside. As you pass through they slam shut. There […]


CLAWS (1977) – Not Your Average Bear

  By Alexander Miles  “If he hunts devil bear, he don’t come back. That bear is Kushtaka – the Devil.”   With the success of Jaws in 1975, Hollywood found a new way to tap into the fears of movie-going audiences everywhere. Instead of some atomic monster made in a […]


From Renfield to Igor – Dwight Frye Film Legend

  By Alexander Miles To the hardcore horror movie fans, he is the archetype of the raving madman. His manic eyes and energetic presence terrified and enthralled audiences during the hay day of Universal Studios’ horror craze. Although considered one of the finest character actors of his day, Dwight Frye […]


Brotherly Love and Monstrous Rampage: “War of the Gargantuas” (1966)

By Alexander Miles By the late 60’s Toho Studios, Japan’s leading monster movie manufacturer, had already reached the pinnacle of their success with the Kaiju genre. With films like Godzilla (1954), Rodan (1957) and Mothra (1961) reaching worldwide attention and gaining a devoted fan following, it seemed perfectly logical to […]