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Bill Cosby & The Betrayal of Celebrity

By Michael Wiseman In two short weeks, Cliff Huxtable has become taboo. A man once revered for promoting better race relations, tackling parenthood through humor, and bridging education with entertainment, has been brought to his knees by a series of damning sexual assault allegations that span over 20 years. Not […]


Autism – Pieces of a Puzzle

By Miles Bumgardner The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. There are many faces  autism wears, some more recognizable than others. It is a dragon that is very difficult to tame, let alone know about its origins. Like a puzzle with many pieces from different sets, it’s very hard […]

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City Staff Wastes Time on “Re-Branding”

By Staff   One never knows what goes through the head for people in government sometimes.  Take here in Winston-Salem, for instance.  We feel that there is absolutely no need at all, but the City government seems to have decided on their own that Winston-Salem’s slogan – “The City of […]


UPDATED: City of Winston-Salem to Loan The Winston-Salem Chronicle $100K?

  The following is a letter that CCD editor Chad Nance sent to the Mayor’s office, and to every Winston-Salem City Council person individually.  At issue is the passage through the Finance Committee last week (without comment or testimony) of tentative approval for a loan of $100,000.00 to the Winston-Salem […]

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Chairman of the Forsyth Co Board of Elections Sends Homophobia Laced Rant To W-S Chronicle

By Staff (Editorial Content) It appears that Forsyth County Board of Elections Chairman Ken Raymond just can’t control himself or his mouth. Following his failed attempt to bring back Jim Crow era voter intimidation techniques, his spearheading Art Pope’s Civitas Institute’s attempt to get Forsyth Co Board of Elections Director […]

Letter From the Editor – Happy Labor Day Camel City

Letter From the Editor – Happy Labor Day Camel City

  Friends & Neighbors,   I keep my nose on the grindstone, I work hard every day Might get a little tired on the weekend, after I draw my pay But I’ll go back workin, come Monday morning I’m right back with the crew I’ll drink a little beer that […]

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North Carolina Legislators Push Massive Middle Class Tax Hike

Staff Editorial   One thing is certain about the budget and tax proposals put forth by North Carolina’s Republican Supermajority… the amount of taxes you pay will increase, unless you make over $200,000 a year. The other guarantee? Along with higher taxes you will receive fewer services, a vastly under-funded […]

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Why is the Republican Legislature Intent on Creating Racial Division?

Cruising Down Highway 666 with The NCGA By Chad Nance “You say what is this? My beloved let’s get down to business Mental self defensive fitness (Yo) bum rush the show You gotta go for what you know Make everybody see, in order to fight the powers that be Lemme […]

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Playing Chess in the Tar Heel State – McCrory’s Budget

The Sword, the Sheath, and the Road to Reconstruction…   by Chad Nance   “You sit at the board and suddenly your heart leaps. Your hand trembles to pick up the piece and move it. But what chess teaches you is that you must sit there calmly and think about […]

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Open Letter To Thom Tillis Regarding Voter ID Messaging Shift

  We the People and the Horse You Rode in on…  “Ladies and gentlemen, attention please Come in close so everyone can see I got a tale to tell, a listen don’t cost a dime And if you believe that we’re gonna get along just fine…” – Steve Earle Thom, […]