Captured & Tortured by ISIS- On the Ground in a War Zone

By Waging Peace (CCD Special Contributor) Editor’s Note: Warning – some may find the violence mentioned an accompanying photo disturbing. My guide and I were going to meet a refugee. “One you need to meet”, he said. We walked quickly through dim, narrow, trash-filled streets. Meeting in the dark, our […]

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Guest Column – Give Love, Send Peace This Holiday Season

By Sheridan Watkins I am genuinely concerned. Is America safe? Yes, crime is in every part of the world but why does it seem like many of the psychos reside in our country? We have to worry about too many things that can unnaturally claim our life and it is […]

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Thanksgiving on the Ground in Syria – CCD Special Feature

By Waging Peace (CCD Special Contributor) I’m often surprised when and where it hits me, or what triggers it. Thanksgiving day it was a turkey. Actually, a Syrian boy coloring a turkey. I was a few miles from the Syrian border, in a school for refugee children. I walked into […]

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CCD Guest Column – Sentimental, Heretical or Whole?

CCD Guest Column – Sentimental, Heretical or Whole?

By John Bost I probably should have written this earlier this morning while I laid in bed pondering just where I might be in my faith. Often as the weary mind processes through another active day, the best moments emerge for meditation. This season seems to bring out the desire […]

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My Letter to America – Ken Pettigrew

By Ken Pettigrew   Dear America, I’m exhausted. It is one of the most common phrases I use in my life. Most often, I am physically tired from a long, demanding day. But these days, like many others who find themselves wondering what it means to be Black in America, […]

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“But then, just for the hell of it, you decide to up the ante”- Review- Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods

Dr. Jon Epstein Greensboro College Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice In “Magicians of the Gods”, investigative journalist, and archaeological gadfly, Graham Hancock follows up his investigations into humanities deepest history first presented in the 1995 bestseller “Fingerprints of the Gods”. As in its’ predecessor, “Magicians of the Gods” poses […]

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Guest Editorial – Saving Oak Flat

San Carlos Apaches’ modern-day fight to save sacred lands and protect us all from an unprecedented alliance of American politicians and foreign mining corporations

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Guest Editorial- NC-NAACP v. McCrory Comes to Winston-Salem

For the last two weeks Winston-Salem has taken center stage as the host city of the federal lawsuit NC-NAACP v. McCrory. This case will have national implications for the voting rights of all citizens. A number of legal scholars have stated that the North Carolina statute is one of the […]


Guest Editorial – Phil Berger, Religious Exemptions, & Teaching in NC

On June 2, the North Carolina state Senate under the forceful leadership of Sen. Phil Berger voted 32-16 to override the veto by Gov. McCrory of the Religious Exemption Bill. The bill would allow court officials to exempt themselves from performing same-sex marriages if they held a “sincerely held religious […]

Action Columns #2: No One Can Tell The Diddly-Ifference

Action Columns #2: No One Can Tell The Diddly-Ifference

By Michael A. Wiseman The Simpsons finally did it – they ran Ned Flanders right out of town. All it took was 26 seasons and a truckload of money. Harry Shearer announced yesterday that he won’t be returning as the voice of Principal Seymour Skinner, Ned Flanders, Waylon Smithers, Montgomery […]