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CCD Special Correspondent: She’d Rather Die in Syria

by Waging Peace “I’d rather return to Syria and die in the fighting”, she told me. If you look past the tea, to the left of her grandchild, you can see her. Not her face, as I sought to protect her identity, but you see the 70 year old woman […]

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How to Handle an Awkward Talk with Your Kids

How to Handle an Awkward Talk with Your Kids

Tips to talk to your kids in a way they just might open up from Four Hens and a Rooster  By Kristen Daukus Can we all agree on something? Sometimes you must have a conversation with your kids about topics that neither of you want to. When they were little, […]

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren’t Dead! They Live in Eden – An Open Letter to People Who Will Vote in Sen. Berger’s District

By Stuart Egan If Shakespeare has taught us anything about human nature and our lives (actually he has taught us much), then we would certainly know that the state of the king’s palace usually dictates the state of the kingdom. Just review perhaps his most famous play, Hamlet, where the […]

Legislative Watch: They’re Baaa-aaack!

Legislative Watch: They’re Baaa-aaack!

By Dan Besse Once again the eerie echoes from an old Poltergeist sequel whisper across our state capital, as the NC General Assembly begins its 2016 budget “short session” in Raleigh this evening. As reported last week in CIB, worries to watch for include legislation recommended by the Environmental Review […]

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When Doves Cry: Remembering The Artist known as Prince

When Doves Cry: Remembering The Artist known as Prince

By Miles Bumgardner There are only a handful of musicians who are in a class all by themselves. Elvis. The Beatles. Bob Dylan. Hank Williams. Prince was certainly amongst them. A virtuoso instrumentalist and songwriter who broke boundaries and rules, he didn’t apologize for his art and never looked back. Though […]

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My Bruce Springsteen Mixtape for Pat McCrory

My Bruce Springsteen Mixtape for Pat McCrory

By Stuart Egan Remember the 1980’s when you used to make mix tapes for people? They were the soundtracks for different facets of life. You put them in your cassette player and immersed yourself down a path of memories and emotions where only certain songs could lead you. When I […]

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Open Letter to Sen. Tom Apadoca RE- HB2

Dear Sen. Apodaca, Last week I wrote an open letter to both Rep. Tim Moore and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest on their active roles in convening a special session of the General Assembly to craft, push, and pass the most prejudiced piece of legislation in recent memory. I noted that […]

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Statement from Rick Glazier, Executive Director of the NC Justice Center – Regarding HB2

Yesterday will go down as a shameful day in North Carolina’s history, as lawmakers prioritized misguided discrimination above the freedoms of our local government, safety of residents, and very decency that until recently has guided our state’s success. In less than 12 hours, the General Assembly’s special session – held […]

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CCD Special Correspondent: Escape from ISIS

By Waging Peace “This man escaped from ISIS!”, my guide exclaimed as we quickly walked through the dark, trash filled streets. He suddenly stopped, looking over his shoulder saying, “No one escapes from ISIS”. We get to the door, knock and walk into the room. A muscular man about 45 […]

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Captured & Tortured by ISIS- On the Ground in a War Zone

By Waging Peace (CCD Special Contributor) Editor’s Note: Warning – some may find the violence mentioned an accompanying photo disturbing. My guide and I were going to meet a refugee. “One you need to meet”, he said. We walked quickly through dim, narrow, trash-filled streets. Meeting in the dark, our […]

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