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Advertising Rates and Information

Advertising Rates and Information

Get Your News From Your Neighbor. It’s more than a tagline. We take our neighbors very seriously. At Camel City Dispatch, our readers are our neighbors. We’re right here with them. We drive the same roads. Our kids go to the same schools. We eat at the same restaurants. We […]

2013 Advertising Rates

  Camel City Dispatch’s readers love to support our local businesses, events, and non-profits! Our ads average 100,000 impressions a week but cost less than a penny a view. All ads are hyperlinked to the website of your choice, doubling the value of your ad by driving traffic directly to […]

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  Our goal with is to foster community, beginning with journalism that strives for the kind of block to block, street-level coverage of our city that no one in media has been able accomplish for decades. We have our feet firmly on the concrete and we’re bringing back old […]

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