CCD Reporting Leads to Regnery Withdrawal


By Staff

Reporting first done by CCD and followed up by the Winston-Salem Journal has led David Regnery to withdraw his name from consideration for appointment to the W-S/Forsyth County School Board.  The County Commission was to vote on his nomination this afternoon.

david regnery

After the GOP Executive meeting on Dec. 18th 2012, CCD reported on Regnery’s activism and involvement with pro-gun groups and enthusiasts.  The Journal initially reported only that Regnery was a father and where he worked, but following CCD‘s coverage, a Journal investigation found that Regnery may have tried to claim residency in Davie County in order to obtain a Class 3 weapons permit.  To do so in Forsyth County would have required Regnery to go through the Sheriff’s Department. As CCD has reported,  Regnery has previously pushed conspiracy theories about local law enforcement regarding undocumented workers and was active in a primary challenge against Sheriff Schatzman by an  extreme right-wing candidate who both declared Sheriff Schatzman a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only).

While Regnery has previously claimed he has lived in Forsyth County for more than a decade, sources stated to the Journal that Regnery told them he had obtained a Class 3 weapons license by claiming he lived in Davie County.   Thursday the Winston-Salem Journal reported:

Sheriff Andy Stokes of Davie County, who said he does allow Class 3 permits, declined to say whether he signed off for Regnery. Stokes said he does not make that kind of information public so that would-be thieves are not tipped off on the potential location of firearms.

Stokes did say that he had the impression that Regnery lives in Davie County.

“As far as I know, he is a resident of Davie County,” Stokes said, adding that he learned that from Regnery in a conversation with him within the past two years. “He may have moved – I don’t know where he lives (now).”

Supporting Stokes’ impression that Regnery lives in Davie County, two letters to the editor published in the Winston-Salem Journal list Mocksville as his place of residence. The latest letter, in which Regnery supported Mitt Romney for president, ran Oct. 26. The other one, in which Regnery supported guns-in-parks legislation, ran on Nov. 11, 2011.

Standing in his doorway in Winston-Salem on Wednesday morning, Regnery said he did not have time for an interview when asked about his residency and how he might have gotten a federal permit to own automatic weapons. When told that questions have been raised about whether he might live in Davie County, he volunteered a response.

“I co-own property in Davie County – family property,” he said.

Davie County land records online do not show any property owned by David Regnery.


Forsyth County records however, do show that Regnery and his wife have owned their current residence in Forsyth County since July of 1996. Regnery’s voter registration shows that he registered to vote in 1984. Voter participation records available online show that Regnery has consistently voted in Forsyth County since 2004, which is the earliest date that type of record is available.

In announcing his withdrawal Regnery made the following statement:


“I believe at the present time the preoccupation by some with my personal life has distracted from a thoughtful discussion of my relevant qualifications and has the potential to impact the effectiveness of the school board should I be appointed.”


You can read the rest of the Journal’s coverage HERE.

CCD’s original piece can be found HERE and please stay tuned for more developments.