CCD Sunday Poetry – Helen Losse

Worship in Poetic Shadow

worship in poetic shadow
worship in poetic shadow

I woke one morning feeling
as deeply alive as I felt at St. Leo’s,
walking toward the Tabernacle
for a closer look at the Christmas tree,
as Bill had asked to do. Standing
so close to Jesus, I grew dizzy.
Blood drained from my head,

and I needed to sit to keep from
falling. Candles burned and flickered,
speaking their message. God’s
invitation for my yielding to Him
echoed from the alcove near the statue
of Mary. The message is always

the same, is mine to accept or reject.
It beckoned from the Chocolate
Coconut Coffee, juxtaposed with
the church setting, and referred to
by holiday name: Angel Kiss.
Both message and aroma wafted
one evening, in the seasonal air,
called me by name from Taste Full
Bean’s poetic shadow, reminding me

that, born of dust, everyone must ask
God for mercy or risk getting none.




Losse, a former English teacher, was educated at Missouri Southern State University (BSE, 1969), where she majored in secondary education and English and Wake Forest University (MALS, 2000), where she studied African American history and religion and creative writing. She is the author of six collections of poetry, and her poems have been anthologized in Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont, Kakalak 2014, and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VII: North Carolina. The former Poetry Editor for The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, she is now an Associate Poetry Editor for Kentucky Review. Helen lives in Winston-Salem, NC with husband Bill, and is awaiting the May 2016 publication of her newest book of poems, Every Tender Reed, now available for advance order from Main Street Rag.  You can do so HERE.







wswriters_0Losse comes to CCD from Winston-Salem Writers. Find out about this vital local organization HERE.