Developing: Rep. Virginia Foxx’s Grandson Busted for Selling Narcotics in Watauga County High School

By Chad Nance & Carissa Joines

A 16 year-old Watauga High School student named Kenan Thomas Foxx has been charged with the sale or delivery of schedule II drug. Kenan Foxx is the grandson of NC 5th District Representative Virginia Foxx.

kenan thomas foxx

kenan thomas foxx – from facebook

According to the website, on May 28 at 10:30 a.m., two 16-year olds were arrested at their high school on drug charges. Kenan Thomas Foxx was charged with sale or delivery of schedule II drugs. Additionally, Justin Alan Greer was charged with drug violations of possession of a schedule II drug and conspiracy to sell or deliver a schedule II drug. The teenagers were caught following an investigation into reports of drugs and weapons on school property. Both young men had bonds set at $5000 at the magistrate’s office later that afternoon.

The federal government lists schedule II drugs as cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin. reporter Steve Frank wrote that when he contacted the Watauga County School office, Marshall Ashcraft responded, “We are prohibited by law from disclosing information about students alleged to be involved in legal or disciplinary matters.” Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford told Mr. Frank that such charges customarily do not cause the issuance of any release on the arrests.

An internet search, however, confirmed that Kenan is the grandson of Representative Virginia Foxx. Kenan and his sister, Rana, are the children of Foxx’s only child, Theresa Foxx, and her former husband, Turkish businessman Mustafa Özdemir. Why the children no longer use their father’s name is unclear.

CCD attempted to contact Representative Foxx’s office this afternoon and were unable to get a response as of this writing.


Please check back for updates as we are able to obtain them.


rep foxx with kenan on march 14th, 2014- her granddaughter  has been removed by ccd

rep foxx with kenan (far right) on march 14, 2014- her granddaughter has been removed by ccd






  1. 5thDistrictVoter says:

    Let us see if she maintains her tough guy merciless attitude when it involves one of her own… Maybe the Good Lord is trying to touch her cold heart?

  2. fayedaniels says:

    No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions. ~ Patrick J. Kennedy

    • If he was arrested for using, I would agree with you.

      But he was dealing, making money off of other people’s pain. Poisoning fellow students for profit. This isn’t some poor kid surviving on the streets by selling pot. This is a rich kid with well connected family who is providing death to the kids he goes to school with.

      • Maybe you should wait for the actual facts of the arrest to come out before whipping up overblown rhetoric about poisoning americas youth. You can be charged as a dealer for having Ziploc bags on you when you’re caught with enough for personal use.

        • Georgia Code Title 16, Section 16-13-30.1(C)(2) The definitions of the terms ‘deliver,’ ‘delivery,’ ‘distribute,’ ‘dispense,’ and ‘manufacture’ provided in Code Section 16-13-21 shall not be applicable to this Code section; but such terms as used in this Code section shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the ordinary course of business.
          (b) An implied representation may be shown by proof of any two of the following:

          (1) The manufacture, delivery, distribution, dispensing, or sale included an exchange or a demand for money or other valuable property as consideration for delivery of the substance and the amount of such consideration was substantially in excess of the reasonable value of the noncontrolled substance;

          In other words, for them to arrest him on this charge there had to be someone else there and there was an exchange of drugs and/or money/property.

          The police had been investigating this for some time. They caught two people, charging one with dealing and the other individual with possession. I would suggest that the delivery was seen by police.

    • Addiction to making illegal money? Oh, please.

  3. Not that it matters,however a political story should include to what political party Rep. Virginia Foxx belongs? That way people can read this story and wonder if family values matter’s too. Grant you, the fact of the matter is that just because a relative is charge with a crime, it should not be mentioned in the story, and once it was mentioned… then to state what political party Ms. is an member.

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