Interfaith Youth Tour Introduces Kids to Various Faith Traditions

By Natalie Sheppard
From 1:45 to 5:30 pm, Interfaith Winston-Salem will be holding their seventh annual Free Interfaith Youth Tour. Area middle school and high school students will get to visit Protestant, Catholic and Islamic worship centers on Sunday afternoon, and a pizza party will be held after.  “Last year, we started out at the Greek Orthodox Church, and then we moved to Trinity Moravian, before finishing at the Community Mosque,” says Jerry Mcleese, who is the chairperson for Interfaith Winston-Salem. “Last year, we had over 70 youth participating,” he continues, “we should have over 100 youth participating this year.”

interfaith w-s
interfaith w-s

The website for Interfaith Winston-Salem states that their vision is for a “peaceable community where neighbors understand and respect the traditions of their neighbors, religious and non- religious.”

“This is an opportunity for youth to learn more about the worship traditions and worship places of their neighbors and began to build new understandings and friendships,” says Mcleese.

The tour will begin at Highland Presbyterian Church Winston-Salem, and will then proceed to Holy Family Catholic Church in Clemmons around 3 pm. The tour will conclude with a trip to the Annor Islamic Center in Clemmons, around 4 pm. There will be question and answer sessions at each location. Everyone is welcome, and they offer programs for children, youth and adults as well as intergenerational groups. Registration begins at 1:45 pm.  You can find out more HERE.