Iron Man 3 Brought 2,000 Jobs & $180 Million to NC

By Staff


According to a study released by The Motion Picture Association of America Tuesday, $180 million and 2,000 jobs in North Carolina to filming from Iron Man 3. The report comes after a bill limiting tax credits for production companies was just buried in the “Rules Committee” in the North Carolina House.

iron patriot
iron patriot

The study conducted by Canadian firm MNP found that Iron Man 3 created the economic equivalent of 102 full-time jobs for every $1 million of the film’s $20 million tax credit. About 27 percent of labor spending went toward in-state hires. The study found that 719 state vendors across 84 communities were involved with filming.

A recent study from General Assembly staff using a different economic model found only a fraction of the film industry’s job claims in 2011 could be directly tied to tax incentives. Iron Man 3 opens this weekend in multiplexes across America, and in an unprecedented move, in China at the same time.








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