Kernersville’s Mannings Continue to Make False Claims

By Chad Nance
CCD is running this update due to claims by Christopher Manning and his father Timothy D. Manning regarding the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. Manning has now made claims about the North Carolina Bail Agents Association and a bail bondsman named Tim Mathis who trains bail bondsmen as a profession.

According to posts on Tim Manning’s facebook:

mr manning, the FRA agent and Surety agent is still very much a active agent in the state of NC. and still continuing to do his job. he is probably the toughest man i know. if he can beat the general attny for the state of NC without a lawyer, just imagine what he is like with one.people like bail academy and the Tim Mathis, plus 3000 agents in Nc are on his side, seen the video, and will show up to court in his behalf . im thankful to have this man on my side. my opinion on this, and this to the mannings in general, you are going to kick ass and take names. 3000 strong behind you.


christopher david manning - mugshot on prior charges
christopher david manning – mugshot on prior charges

CCD caught up with Mr. Mathis Wednesday morning. Tim Mathis is a legitimate bail bondsman and does train others, however he is not “backing” or supporting the Mannings in any way. “I don’t really know this kid. I have met the kid and his dad. I looked at the paperwork [the warrant] I don’t know anything about his history. I told him he shouldn’t be flashing badges. You need a lawyer and that is the last thing I told him… I told him a badge is NOT a lawful use.” Mathis went on to indicate that Christopher Manning opened his wallet for him and there was a fake badge in it. “I’m not going to get involved in this.” Mathis told CCD.

Seeing as the Mannings are now claiming that the “raid” was not about Mr. Mannings extremist writings and is about the Bail Bonds industry being targeted by the North Carolina State Government and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and that there are “3,000 agents” in North Carolina on his side it seemed prudent to check-in with North Carolina Bail Agents Association President Phil Burr.

“First of all,” Mr. Burr said, “There are not 3,000 licensed bondsmen in North Carolina. Second Christopher Manning should have never been licensed in the first place because he had prior criminal convictions. He has NO backing from us. It is against the law for a bondsman to carry or display any kind of badge in North Carolina.”

Displaying and carrying a badge under false pretenses is, of course, at the root of the entire no-knock warrant being served on the Manning residence. If you are approached by christopher Manning remember that he has NO authority to do anything.

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