Kim Thore: You’re Missing the Point…

by Kim Thore (

Ok, I’ve reached my limit in the misunderstanding, the ugliness, the uninformed word slinging on social media….frankly too many people are missing the point.

If you follow my blogs you know how I feel about Trump and I don’t mean Trump as the President Elect , I mean Trump as the man whom I have held in contempt for the better part of the last 15-20 years. I have always found him obnoxious, untrustworthy, misogynistic, and a consummate manipulator. As a Marketing Executive and Public Relations professional I’ve only ever had one compliment for the man- he knows how to tap into the most basic attributes of good PR because while he’s been sued, filed bankruptcy, failed at business and been involved in an unprecedented 3500 legal actions* (source USA Today) he has somehow managed to keep the general public believing that he is successful when he’s really only been successful in spinning the truth. If he can’t manage his business dealings successfully, how do we expect him to handle a $4 Trillion budget?

Yes, I am sad that this country elected a man with more scandal floating around him than a Jerry Springer telethon but I am even more sad that only half of our country voted. Half of us simply didn’t care enough about who was going to lead us to register and then cast their vote.


Within 24 hours of the astonishing announcement that the man with a pending rape lawsuit, on record with an unprecedented condemnation of entire races of people, the mud started slinging and there’s been this pervasive theme bubbling up that needs to be dispelled.

No, people aren’t taking to the streets to demonstrate because they are whining THEY didn’t win. It’s because not since George Wallace has a person so divisive gotten so far in a presidential election. The world has been listening to hate speech for over a year and on Tuesday our nation discovered that in fact , at least at this go around –Love Didn’t Trump Hate. It should tell us something that demonstrations are happening bc when was the last time one occurred over who was chosen as our leader? I didn’t vote for either Bush, but I wasn’t fearful of the future when they were elected—well in full disclosure Bush Jr. did scare me a little and look how that administration turned out for our country. You didn’t see people take to the streets when McCain and Palin lost or Mitt Romney or when Obama won. It’s because none of those campaigns were solidly run on a platform of fear, hate and intolerance. You didn’t hear the candidates drop the p-word, or F bomb or mock veterans of war….I wonder how all of our veterans are feeling today of all days? If you were captured and tortured, your new president thinks that makes you weak and not a winner..and he dodged the draft.

No, people aren’t signing the petition to change the electoral college bc they are sore losers, it’s because the existence of the presidential electors and the duties of the electoral college are so little understood in contemporary society that most American voters believe that they are voting directly for a President and Vice President on election day. Not so.


The Constitutional Convention of 1787 considered several methods of electing the President, including selection by Congress, by the governors of the states, by the state legislatures, by a special group of Members of Congress chosen by lot, and by direct popular election. Late in the convention, the matter was referred to the Committee of Eleven on Postponed Matters, which devised the electoral college system in its original form. This plan, which met with widespread approval by the delegates, was incorporated into the final document with only minor changes. It sought to reconcile differing state and federal interests, provide a degree of popular participation in the election, give the less populous states some additional leverage in the process by providing “senatorial” electors, preserve the presidency as independent of Congress, and generally insulate the election process from political manipulation. (source

So how’s that working out for us as a nation?

I awoke on Wednesday to a profound sadness because I realized that as a woman the fact that I have NEVER been paid equally or at market value for that matter, that I have endured sexual harassment in the workplace not once, not twice, not three times but FOUR times over my career, and that I have had to work twice as hard to get ½ as far as my male counterparts isn’t likely to change any time soon. If you are a woman who has experienced the same I am sure you are sad too.

If you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, how will you explain to them that a man openly bragging about sexually assaulting women, demeans women who don’t meet his standard of beauty and is currently being sued for the rape of a 13 yr old girl, is now going to lead our country? We’ve gone from a president who supported women to one who for more than three decades has treated women as trophies, sport and arm candy.

Hillary gave many of us hope that the glass ceiling would finally be shattered. No one will be able to convince me that this didn’t come down to gender..because if a man with her experience had been up against Trump, emails be damned, there would have been no contest. How many newscasts did we watch where the first focus was on what she wore and not what she stood for?


No, I don’t think Hillary was a perfect candidate nor has there ever been one..EVER; because we elect humans to this position. What Hillary does have is the experience and the temperament needed to govern a country, the bully in the playground who tweets insults at 3am in the morning, makes fun of the disabled, threatens the lives of immigrants and can’t answer a single policy question with an actual informed answer is not the solution. When you have dissention in your own party, that should signal something- but we as a nation just kept thinking it was a ruse, something that couldn’t actually happen and yet it did. I don’t know if it happened because the middle class is so fed up that any diversion seemed like a good idea or that the hate and the intolerance opened our eyes that detestation is alive and well in the USA or was it the perfect trifecta of throwing a female candidate into the mix?

We may never know- because some of our greatest intellectuals can’t wrap their head around this turn of events.

I’m wearing a safety pin today to signal solidarity for those marginalized and frightened by Trump and his campaign I am proud to do it, but having to adopt a symbol of anti-violence and anti-bigotry is not exactly what I thought I’d be doing in the wake of a presidential election taking place in 2016. 2016 folks! In a matter of a few days we’ve stepped back our progress by decades.

So, eventually my sadness will pass; I doubt my anger and disappointment will but I will at least try to let go of the former because we don’t need any more of that fuel in our country.

Still, I ask you to step back and put yourself in the shoes of a Latino, a woman, a victim of sexual assault, an LGBTQ citizen, an immigrant looking for a better life, a person with disabilities, a minority and ask yourself would I be feeling safe and ok today.

No you would not.