McCrory’s New Pre-K Director May have Committed Voter Fraud in Forsyth County




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A statewide voter registration search for Dianna Lightfoot reveals only one such person registered to vote in the state by that name. The address given for Dianna Lightfoot is 353 Jonestown Road, Winston-Salem. 353 Jonestown Road is a UPS Store.

The Forsyth County Board of Elections has confirmed that individuals may only register to vote using their residential address. They were unaware that Ms. Lightfoot had registered using an address other than a residential address, and are currently pursuing the appropriate response since being notified of the situation at noon today.  The CBOE mapping specialist also confirmed that the address provided by Lightfoot was a UPS store.

voter reg for lightfoot

The State Board of Elections confirmed that using an address on a voter registration form other than your residential address is a crime. According to North Carolina elections law, it is a Class I felony for anyone to provide false or misleading information on a Voter Registration form.

The voter registration application clearly states that residential address information must be provided, clarifying in parenthesis STREET ADDRESS WHERE YOU LIVE followed by the statement no P.O. Boxes or Rural Routes. At the end of the form, just to the right of the signature line on the application, highlighted in red letters, is the statement Warning: If you sign this form and know it to be false, you can be convicted of a Class I felony.

Ms. Lightfoot registered to vote in Forsyth County in March of 2012. On her voter registration application she listed that she had moved to Forsyth County from Birmingham, Alabama. A check of her registration history shows that her voter registration was not removed or transferred from another NC county’s register.

Lightfoot’s voting history includes votes cast in the May 2012 primary, the second primary in July 2012, and the general election in November 2012.
As CCD was calling around regarding this story news broke out of Raleigh that Dianna Lightfoot will NOT take the job in the McCrory Administration. This occurred approximately :30 minutes after the Camel City Dispatch notified that Forsyth County Board of Elections that it was possible Lightfoot had provided false information on her voter registration.


DHHS issued the following statement:

“Dianna Lightfoot was scheduled to start at HHS next week as Director of Child Development and Early Education. Ms. Lightfoot informed Secretary (Aldona) Wos this morning that she does not wish to be a distraction to the department and will pursue other opportunities. Secretary Wos accepted this decision.”

jonestown road

Chapter_163 of NC Statues – Election Law


residential line


signature line





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