Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity Issues a “Call to the Community”

by staff

The Ministers’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity has issued a Call to the Community, seeking community engagement alongide officials and law enforcement in reducing violence. Bishop Todd L. Fulton, President of the MCWS&V, along with Rev. Alvin Carlisle, Social Justice Ministry Chair for the Conference, relased the follownig statement:

bishop todd fulton
bishop todd fulton

“Any level of violent crime is unacceptable for any community. Furthermore, the spike in violent crime, particularly homicides, in Winston Salem in 2016 is very alarming. As concerned citizens and religious leaders, The Minister’s Conference of Winston Salem and Vicinity embrace the reality, that the onus is upon us to respond to the recent rash of murders in our city. The loss of these precious lives, the grief of the families of victims and perpetrators, and the loss of a sense of safety by the citizenry of our great city, demand that there is an immediate collective response from the greater Winston Salem community.

While local law enforcement invests countless man-hours in seeking to apprehend the perpetrators of these crimes; it is the responsibility of the community to work in conjunction with police in curtailing these acts of violence and aiding in the apprehension of these criminals. While some efforts are being made by local officials to build our local communities, the community has its role to play.

There is code of silence and a lack of cooperation that often exists in the communities affected by the recent increase in violent acts. The MCWS&V is launching a campaign to compel the citizens of our city to take a stand break this code of silence. The Conference is reaching out to fellow activist organizations and community organizations to join us in this effort. The conference is committed to the ideal that if Black lives matter, they must first matter to black people.”

Individuals and organizations desiring to join the MCWS&V in this effort are invited to contact the Conference HERE. To learn more about the MCWS&V, visit their website HERE

chief barry rountree
chief barry rountree

Interested parties are also invited to attend the City of Winston-Salem’s Trust Talk. The city’s Human Relations staff and commission members will facilitate a “trust talk” between representatives of the Winston-Salem Police Department and citizens from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 28, at the Little Creek Recreation Center, 610 Foxcroft Drive.

This trust talk is a follow-up to the one held May 19 at the same location. It is open to the public but pre-registration is requested by calling Pam Peoples-Joyner at 336-773-7962. Seating is limited.

The trust talk will allow residents and police to discuss such issues as community safety, stereotypes, perceptions, trust, and other areas of concern.