Nathan’s Five Day Forecast- Hot & Humid


Good Day, everyone!

This gorgeous weather pattern we have been in will continue over the next 2-3 days as a high pressure continues to pump in the sunshine.

Enjoy this nice weather pattern while it lasts, because the storm chances, heat, and humidity all return for your work week.

5 Day Forecast:

Sunday: To kick off the new week you will continue to see plenty of sunshine pumping from a high pressure system and the dew points will be in the low 60’s, with the high temps in the mid 80’s. Storm chances are too low to even mention. Overall it will feel comfortable with the low humidity and cooler temps.

Forecast Confidence: High
Monday: To kick off your work week, there will be another day full of sunshine. The high temps will be on the increase during the day to the upper 80’s and lower 90’s. The dew points will be a little bit higher, but not much, so it won’t be too humid.

Forecast Confidence: High
Tuesday: Your Tuesday will feature different conditions than the previous, beautiful days. You will still see a mix of sunshine and clouds, with higher temps in the mid 90’s. Overall Tuesday will be not too comfortable, as the dew points will prevail during the day to the mid to upper 60’s. A very small storm chance, but nothing too serious. If any, they will be very isolated in nature.

Forecast Confidence: Moderate to High
Wednesday and Thursday: Mid-week’s forecast will feature widely scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon through evening hours as a front in the west will be pushing some storms toward us. That pattern will continue through next weekend. You will see sunshine in the morning and a possibility for storms in the afternoon through evening hours. Some could reach the strong to severe range. High temps will be in the lower 90’s

Forecast Confidence: Moderate

Have a fantastic next few days and always stay tuned to Camel City Dispatch for your latest weather and news!









nathan harmon
nathan harmon

Nathan is 15 years old and a freshman in high school. He is currently homeschooled, and since January has been running a Facebook weather page during his free time. From a young age, Nathan been very interested in the weather.  When he was 11, he was chosen to be one of Fox 8 Chief Meteorologist Van Denton’s weather kids. He credits Van Denton with encouraging his love of all things weather, specifically by helping him learn to read the weather models and be able to understand them during the winter seasons.  In addition to his love of weather, Nathan likes to go for a run, watch football, basketball and never misses an opportunity to catch NC State basketball.