NC House District 74 Candidate Debra Conrad Says Good Committee Assignments Require Big Fundraising

By Staff
According to a report by Yes! Weekly, Yesterday at a Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce candidate’s forumn the Republican candidate for the State House seat in NC District 74, Debra Conrad, made statements indicating that as far as committie assignments in the NC House go- Money talks under the administration of Republican Speaker of the House Thom Tillis.

“Unfortunately, the more money you raise and give to the speaker, the better committee assignment you get,” Conrad said. “I don’t like that situation.”

As Jordan Green of Yes! Weekly went on to report:

Conrad’s remark prompted a titter of discomfort at the table. One person suggested: “Off the record?” Another person seated at the table uttered the phrase “pay to play” — a common characterization of how business was once transacted in the NC House under the leadership of now disgraced Democratic Speaker Jim Black.

“No, I really don’t like that process,” Conrad said. She laughed and added, “So give lots of money.”

Conrad tried later to spin what she had said into something less damaging, but the truth was already on the table. Trying to walk back a bit she said, “The party wants the money funneled to a central source, which is the speaker as head of the caucus, to help the other candidates who are having a hard time.”

According to Yes! Weekly, Conrad also mentioned fellow Forsyth County Republican Donny Lambeth and his fundraising efforts:

Conrad said she probably wouldn’t have raised the matter except that she and fellow NC House candidate Donny Lambeth had just been commiserating over the pressure they were feeling from their party.

“He doesn’t even have an opponent, and he’s having a fundraiser,” Conrad said. “That’s why they’re putting pressure on him — because he doesn’t have an opponent, and he can just turn the money over to the general pool.”

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