New School Board Vice-Chair Unelected Official John Davenport


By Staff

Tuesday night, the W-S/Forsyth County School Board elected a new chair and vice-chair prior to current Chariman Donny Lambeth’s upcoming move to the General Assembly. The Board meeting was the last that Lambeth could preside over as Chairman before his resignation takes effect, necessitating the election of the new officers.


Twenty-seven-year School Board veteran Jane Goins, who was serving as the vice-chairperson, was elected as the new Board chair. The only non-elected Board member, John Davenport, was then elected vice-chair. Davenport, a Republican, was appointed to the School Board in May of 2011 to fill Democrat Geneva Brown’s seat after she retired for health reasons.

john davenport

The handover of the gavel was orderly and had obviously been previously discussed by Board members. Superintendent Don Martin led the first part of the meeting, citing parliamentary rules which declare that nominations require no second, before he opened the floor to nominations. Donny Lambeth nominated Jane Goins for Board Chair. There were no other nominations and Goins was elected chair by a unanimous vote. Donny Lambeth then nominated John Davenport for Vice-Chair. There were no other nominations and Davenport was elected by a unanimous vote.


jane goins