New Winston Museum Launches Online Exhibition

By Staff

New Winston Museum has announced their new web-based digital exhibition, “City at a Glance,” exploring the stories of our community through historic maps and images. At New Winston Museum, accessibility was a major goal, and they want everyone to be able to share in the fun of exploring our city’s past. The online exhibit exploring the stories of our community through historic maps and images. Made possible through the generous support of the Winston-Salem Foundation, provides visitors anywhere in the world access to the compelling history of Winston-Salem. offers several resources for visitors. In the “Story” section, Winston-Salem’s history is told in a series of seven historical sketches, providing a brief overview of significant developments in the community over time. Highlighted words in each sketch display captioned photo-graphs when selected. In the “Story” section, we give visitors an easy-to-approach narrative that brings them from the founding of the Wachovia tract through to the present day in the City of Arts and Innovation.

Additionally, visitors to can choose to explore the city in the interactive “Maps” section. In this section, dozens of points around town have been tagged on a contemporary map, each representing a significant individual, historical event, and/or place. When selected, these points of interest reveal corresponding captioned images that help visitors connect Winston-Salem’s engaging history to physical locations they can visit. Historical maps from 1890, 1928, and 1938 can also be selected as overlays, offering further visual evidence of our community’s development over time. represents New Winston Museum’s continuing effort to reach their audience and advocate for our community’s unique history beyond the walls of the museum.


You can get started HERE.