Phuzz Phest Interview – All Them Witches – Foobar on a Tuesday

By Asia Sheppard


Nashville, Tenn. is known as Music City, U.S.A. It is where great music lives and breathes. All Them Witches embodies the Nashville sound and more. Their music is dark, sexy and gritty. They call their style “psychedelta rock” but it is more than that. They flirt with the blues in songs such as the stellar “When God Comes Back” and they break the conventional rock n’ roll mold with their smoky hit “Lightning at the Door.” The vocals are filled with noir and the guitars cut through your soul.

all them witches
all them witches


CCD: So where does the name “All Them Witches” come from?
ATW: It comes from the old horror movie, “Rosemary’s Baby.” There is a book titled All of Them Witches…All Them Witches rolls off the tongue a little better.

CCD:How long have you been playing together?

ATW: Two years

CCD: Your music has a distinct flavor all its own. It’s so raw and alluring. What inspires your music?

ATW: We all are in to our own styles of music, which makes it interesting. But, between the four of us, we are all inspired by musicians who are really good at what they do….when you listen to their record or see them live, you feel something. Makes you want to play music too.

CCD: I know that Nashville is known for its country and bluegrass, but what does the Nashville music scene look like now?

all them witches
all them witches

ATW: It is rad. You can go to Foobar on a Tuesday for free and see the best guitar player in the world, Jim Oblon. No joke…he is the best guitar player in the world right now. Then there are heavier bands such as Across Tundras and Hellbender who are so sick. You can see shows every night. It kinda stinks sometimes because there is not much of a blues scene.

CCD: What is the weirdest venue or gig you’ve ever played?

ATW: We played the worst show ever under a tent at a barbecue place in Nashville. It was our second show ever. We were actually just talking about how awkward it was. But we got free food.

CCD: If you had to give up music, what would you do to be creative?

ATW: Ben would shape surfboards, Allan would build trails in Colorado, Parks would make his friends nice gifts and Robby would do tree work.

CCD: In your opinion what is the best way to listen to music: live, mp3, vinyl, cd, 8 track, etc?

ATW: Vinyl, cranked so loud it sounds like the players are actually in the room with you.

CCD: I know Phuzz Phest is going to be an amazing show. What do us fans have to look forward to?

ATW: Man, so many good bands. ASG and Jessica Lea Mayfield are the two that are gonna slay it. But if you are coming to see us, you can look forward to Robby lighting his drums on fire.

CCD: What do you want to tell the people?

ATW: Keep going to shows and supporting bands. A million people say that, but that’s really what keeps this thing going.

all them witches in rosemary's baby
all them witches in rosemary’s baby

All Them Witches will play at 9:40pm on Sunday April 6 at The Garage.

PhuzzPhest is one of North Carolina’s premiere indie music festivals and will be coming at you April 4-6.  You can find dates, times and tickets for Phuzzphest HERE.  Please check back to CCD throughout the week and into the weekend for our coverage of PhuzzPhest.

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