PhuzzPhest Interview – Miss Eaves Does work

By Asia Sheppard
Miss Eaves is a force to be reckoned with. There is no getting eased into her. She is in your face and once you hear her you are hooked. To say she is just a rapper is an understatement. Her music is like an electronic rainbow of sick beats and addictive lyrics. This NC native, who now calls Brooklyn home, is a machine-gun rapper and has a sound all her own. She makes you fall in love with her songs like the electric and enchanting “We Gonna Take It” and gets you where she wants you with sexy and catchy tunes like her song “Work.”

miss eaves
miss eaves

CCDFirst off, how would you describe your sound?

Eaves– Electro Rap Pop.

CCD- What’s your 90 second life story? How did you get into the “rap game,” so to speak?

Eaves- Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an artist of some sort (when I was little I took dance, piano and painting lessons). My parents were always really supportive of me in that regard. My mom would say “I am happy with you being an artist as long as you are serious about it.” So she encouraged me to go to museums and take classes that would broaden my perspective as an artist. After high school I went to design school, then after college I started working as a graphic designer. I always had a bunch of fun creative side projects going on (one where I would take my picture at the same time every day, and a political art blog) I added music to the list in 2008, when I started a band with a now ex-boyfriend. After we broke up I still wanted to make music so I started the Miss Eaves project as my solo rap project. I met Mathieu (from the DJ project Surfing Leons) when Vimeo featured “Diva Pop” on their home page and the rest is history.

CCD- From listening to your tracks I sense such a badass confidence. What is it that inspires you with your work and your life?

Eaves- Feminism is where I get most of my strength and confidence. A lot of times women are taught to shrink themselves or make themselves in an image that is acceptable to a man (or seek a man’s approval for validation). Feminism allows me to let all of that go and be comfortable with who I am even if it defies what society demands of me.

CCD I’ve seen your video for “Diva Pop.” You got style. How would you describe it?

Eaves- I would describe it is a “Lisa Turtle Librarian Chic”. No, but seriously. I love vintage clothes and cool colors and patterns. I also love costume jewelry (size absolutely matters when talking earrings). My style has changed a bit since “Diva Pop” though, I am a lot less into sparkles and glitter.

CCD- Besides rocking the mic, what do you do for fun?

miss eaves
miss eaves

Eaves- I also run a feminist-style blog called the “Every Body Project.” I want to show all people of all ages, body types as beautiful in defiance of the media’s narrow portrayal of beauty. So at least once a week I hit the streets taking photos of stylish ladies. I am also still a designer.

CCD- There is nothing cookie-cutter about your music. What is your take on the music business and “popular” artist of today?

Eaves- My main goal is just to make art that is honest to who I am, and if the industry likes it, than so be it.

CCD- What is art to you? Is art dead?

Eaves- Art is honesty and showing the beauty and the ugliness of the world as you see it. No, art can never be dead. Maybe commercial art is in a bad place but yeah…art is not dead.

CCD- I have been told that going on tour is fun but always a bit insane. What is the craziest thing that has happened to you at a show or on the road?

Eaves- We played a show in South France the night before and I went ahead to Barcelona with a friend. My DJ Friend (Surfing Leons) was supposed to meet me in Barcelona because we had a show there that night, but he missed his train. Around the time when I found out that Math (Surfing Leons) had missed his train, the venue called us and said they did not have a microphone. So me and my friend had to go running around Barcelona a couple of hours before the show to look for a microphone. Eventually Math made it to the venue and we found a microphone, but due to sound problems, I had to end up rapping the whole set acapella. Later on, a French ex-pat congratulated me on my bravery (of doing a rap set acapella and all) and invited us all to an amazing underground speakeasy in someone’s house. All in all, it ended up being a super-fun night despite the rough beginning.

CCD- I know you’ve been to our fair city of Winston Salem before. What are you most looking forward to during Phuzz Phest 2014!?

Eaves- I actually was born and raised in NC. I lived in Winston for a bit. I would love to be able to get a Tempeh burrito from Mary’s while I am there and catch up with my NC friends.

Miss Eaves will play at 9:20 pm at Ziggy’s on April 6 as part of Phuzzfest.

PhuzzPhest is one of North Carolina’s premiere indie music festivals and will be coming at you April 4-6.  You can find dates, times and tickets for Phuzzphest HERE.  Please check back to CCD throughout the week and into the weekend for our coverage of PhuzzPhest.

Miss Eaves – “Diva Pop” from SAL on Vimeo.