Rep Ed Hanes to Propose Legislation to Address Forsyth County Property Tax Assessments


By Staff


On Thursday, Winston-Salem Representative to the General Assembly Ed Hanes (D-NC72) announced that he intends to file a bill that would address the serious concerns many citizens in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County have expressed regarding the recent tax assessments. These assessments resulted in the tax value of some homes being lowered by as much as 70%, particularly in East and Southeast Winston-Salem.

According to a press release, on Wednesday Representative Hanes began a bill process that would allow Forsyth County to forgo their latest tax property appraisals. According to Hanes’ office:

The bill will allow Forsyth and similarly situated counties to hold their appraisals at the 2008 levels and perform another appraisal in 2016.  This will allow counties like Forsyth that optionally advanced their reappraisal cycles to 4 years from the state minimum of 8 years to disregard the current reappraisal if they believe it may be flawed in a way that would render the previous reappraisal values more accurate than the current values as determined by the most recent reappraisal.

“The current reappraisals conducted by the county certainly raise concerns among our citizenry,” stated Rep. Hanes.  “I have spoken with many people across my district, but especially in our eastern quadrant, who live in steady neighborhoods and still lost 70% or more in tax value on their homes. The current real estate and economic market has impacted every part of our lives.  This bill will give the County the maximum time allowable to let the market correct itself while holding within the parameters of the State’s mandatory eight-year appraisal window.  The current statute would only allow Forsyth County to reappraise those properties where there was a request to do so by the homeowner.  I felt it best to intervene legislatively so that the County would have the flexibility to move in whichever manner they felt would be best for the entire populace.”

According to Representative Hanes’ office the legislation is currently under review and will be filed by Friday.

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This story is developing.  Please check back with CCD in the coming days for further details and context.