Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam Compares LGBT North Carolinians to Pedophiles on House Floor

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Speaker Pro Tempore of the NC House and US Senate candidate Thom Tillis’ right-hand man, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam took to the House floor on Tuesday afternoon stated that pedophila and masochism are one of 30 sexual ” orientations” he claims exist.

For re-enforcement of his point Stam, sent around a hand-out titled “What is Sexual Orientation” listing the 30″ orientations”, which according to Stam include corprophilla (sexual arousal associated with feces), Frotteurism (approaching an unknown woman and rubbing your penis against her) as well as homosexuality, bi-sexuality, and “Gender Identity Disorder”. Stam’s obession with kinky sex aside, nothing in this list is in any way scientific, true, or accurate. It is, however, an  incredible embarrassment to have the North Carolina legislature discussing poop fetishes on the tax-payer dime.

The House was debating an Amendment that would have protected LGBT students from discrimination in state-funded Charter Schools. Amendment A4 simply reads, “To prohibit a charter school from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity;” (see full amendment below)

The Amendment was tabled.

CCD has contacted Rep. Stam’s office and will run his response when possible.


tweeted by rep. tricia cothman

tweeted by rep. tricia cothman



  1. Jack C. Hall Jr. says:

    This closet-case is just ashamed of bedding down with guy in college, i’m sure he even told Dottie sex was just for procreation and that those 2 times he had relations with her were 2 times too many….thats why he can’t satisfy her anymore. Its ashamed how these bigots get to an age where they can’t cut the mustard anymore, they turn around and bully gays to make themselves feel better…or make themselves feel less gay.

  2. Shannon McNamara says:

    This makes me exceedingly glad that I don’t live in a state where the legislative leadership is chock full of ignorant bigots.

  3. If the schools are state funded sexuality and gender identity should be covered under Title 9, this is a little confusing, that looks like material from 2 dsm’s ago

  4. John Stoltz says:

    Unbelievable how far people go to prove their own words insult themselves more than those they target the words towards.

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