SECCA & UNCSA Team up to Present “Artist’s Studio: Neil Goldberg”

By Staff


The inaugural Artist’s Studio – a collaborative program series between the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art and the University of North Carolina School of the Art supporting dialogue and understanding around contemporary art for the public – will culminate with live public presentation at SECCA on Sunday, Sept. 21.

uncsa dance
uncsa dance

First of the Artist’s Studio series, the event will wrap-up a 4-day collaborative workshop between visual artist Neil Goldberg and UNCSA students and faculty, and provide audiences with a unique opportunity to experience the process of art in the making.

As part of the vision for the program, Artist’s Studio invites audiences into the artistic process as it unfolds through a series of live non-traditional public talks, screenings, performances, behind-the-scenes looks and dedicated educational opportunities.

SECCA Executive Director Mark Leach explains, “The Artist’s Studio takes art out of the spectator realm and pushes it into an interactive and personalized experience. The series truly captures the spirit of The City of Arts and Innovation that is Winston-Salem and aims to increase national visibility of the rich array of arts that we have in this city.”

A secondary focus of the Artist’s Studio is creating unparalleled educational opportunities for students of UNCSA to work across artistic disciplines with contemporary artists, while also documenting the creative process.

This Artist’s Studio, UNCSA students of dance under the guidance of Dance Dean Susan Jaffe and faculty-artist Ming-Lung Yang, as well as UNCSA students of film, in the Image and the Internal Time-Space Continuum class taught by John LeBlanc and Julian Semilian, will be working with the artist Sept. 17-20 and offering a live presentation to the public on Sept. 21.

“This project marks the first time dance students will experience collaborating with a visual artist whose work is mainly focused on mixed media, video, and photographic art,” says Jaffe. “Neil Goldberg will work with a select group of dance students and a faculty member to create an original dance piece inspired by everyday movement and everyday life. The presentation will give the audience an insider’s view into how the work was created, and how the creative process works.”

Furthermore, the presentation will be a dialogue between dancers and cinematographers. “We will pair a student cinematographer with a student dancer for a series of exercises, and they will respond to each other’s work – all of which inspired by the work of Neil Goldberg,” Semilian adds.

The cinematographers will work with Goldberg to record images throughout the workshop, which will then be incorporated into the performance on Sept. 21.

“Dance and film have a lot in common – both are focused on time, rhythm, a sense of space. I am thrilled to bring dance and film students together and see what they might learn from each other,” says Goldberg.

The event will be held in SECCA’s McChesney Scott Dunn auditorium, beginning at 2 p.m. WFDD’s David Ford will be moderating.
General admission is $15 and $10 for students. Admission for UNCSA students is free. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbright.
Curated by Fisher, Goldberg’s “Anthology” exhibition is currently on view at SECCA through Oct. 1.  You can read CCD’s review of Goldberg’s “Anthology” HERE.