UPDATED: State Board of Education Approves Forsyth County Charter School

By Staff

The State Board of Education voted Thursday to authorize the schools to open in August 2013. That approval includes the North Carolina Leadership Academy, a charter school which will be located in eastern Forsyth County in the Oak ridge or Kernersville area.


Sam “Chip” Cook, a member of the board of trustees and an adjunct professor in communications studies at UNCG, spoke earlier this year with the Greensboro News & Record stating, “”We see a need for a school that provides an emphasis on leadership development in its programs.”

As stated the mission of the school is to “seek the acceptance of all students to colleges of their choice by unlocking their scholarship, leadership, and citizenship potential through their empowerment in a participative leadership role with the Academy, its community, and the State of North Carolina,” according to a press release sent out by the board of trustees.



CCD was able to speak to Sam “Chip” Cook, a member of the board of trustees for the North Carolina Leadership Academy.  “We’re just excited to learn today that we are going to move on ahead.”  When asked about the physical location of the school Mr. Cook pointed stated that while the schools designation is for Forsyth County they want it the Academy to be accessible to as many families in the Triad as possible.  Cook stressed that the purpose of forming the North Carolina Leadership Academy is not to simply try to pull the best students out of the public school system.  “We want to help all kids.  We’re not trying to skim off of the top. ”

With the approval of the State Board of Education Thursday the North Carolina Leadership Academy can now move ahead with their plans to be teaching students as early as 2013.


The Academy board members are:

Chairman Frederick Kennedy, retired U.S. Army officer and former president of Oak Ridge Military Academy
Carl Lashley, professor of educational leadership and cultural foundations at UNCG

Billy Yeargin, former N.C. Sweet Potato Commissioner

Patricia Fairfield-Artman, communications lecturer at UNCG and public relations specialist

Quentin Brown, doctoral candidate in energy and environmental studies at N.C. A&T

Karl Katterjohn, former civilian consultant with the U.S. Air Force and current Civil Air Patrol officer

C. John Malzone, real estate and financial consultant