State Senator Sinks to Schoolyard Levels Over Moral Monday

By Chad Nance


In a bizarre, bile-filled rant by North Carolina State Senator Thom Goolsby(R-Dist9) and published in the Chatham Journal it is becoming apparent that the Moral Monday protest are getting to some Republican law makers. In an op-ed that looks more like the product of an internet troll, Goolsby dropped all dignity and pretense then took a nose dive into the gutter that makes the career of Don Rickles seem like a life-long tour of love and joy.

sen goolsby
sen goolsby

Using language and imagery that almost seems to be a parody of the far-right itself, Goolsby shows just how bad the Moral Monday protest are bugging him.  Rather than truly address the concerns raised by the doctors, college professors, researchers, pastors (Five members of Winston-Salem’s clergy have been arrested), and rank and file citizens; Goolsby simply slings petulant and childish insults like a high-school bully pitching a tantrum.

Some choice cuts include:

“The circus came to the State Capitol this week, complete with clowns, a carnival barker and a sideshow. The “Reverend” Barber was decked out like a prelate of the Church of Rome (no insult is meant to Catholics), complete with stole and cassock. All he was missing was a miter and the ensemble would have been complete.

Several hundred people – mostly white, angry, aged former hippies – appeared and screeched into microphones, talked about solidarity and chanted diatribes. It was “liberal theater” at its best. Just like having a honey bun and double espresso for breakfast, the impact of it all left the participants jittery and empty in the end.”

“Never short on audacity, the Loony Left actually named their gathering “Moral Monday.” Between the screaming, foot stomping and disjointed speeches, it appeared more like “Moron Monday.” The gathering was supposed to influence legislators. However, no one thought to bring out any senate or house member from either party.”

Many of the “hippies” Goolsby is referring too are not ex-hippies at all.  Many are veterans, white and black, of the Civil rights Movement.   These are men and women who many North Carolinians see as heroes, but whom Goolsby holds in contempt because they have not capitulated and bowed down to the iron will of the Republican Supermajority.

Gooslby apparently holds North Carolina NAACP leader, Rev William Barber, in special contempt, going after him like a high-school punk screaming insults at a kid who tried to sit at the wrong table during lunch period.

It looks like under Republican/Tea Party leadership North Carolina politics are sliding into a dark place where common civility and real discourse is being replaced by schoolyard level bullies and wanna-be tough-guy punks in office.  North Carolina was never home to the George Wallace/Bull Conner types- even during the Civil Rights struggles, yet we see them now insulting citizens from positions of power. Meanwhile the people of North Carolina continue to suffer high unemployment, a public education system on the brink, and the indignity of having petulant, immature children walking the halls of our state legislature. The organizers, demonstrators, and supporters of the Moral Monday demonstrations should take heart, however. If Goolsby’s childish load of wrath and insult is any indication… you are really getting to them.

moral monday
moral monday


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