Stay Tuned: Eugene’s Guide to TV for November 15-21

By Eugene Sims

Every year I like to pick my Top 5 Best New Television Series and this year has been the most difficult. There is a lot of quality television programming out there to choose from. But we’re getting near crunch time and I’ve been moving my Post-It Notes up and down the wall with either various episodes or a brand new series.

I’m not giving away any spoilers. You’ll have to stay tuned near until the last Tuesday of the year for my list.

Right now, let’s concentrate on the new offerings for us this week.

Tuesday, November 15

TNT drops a brand new series on us at 9pm called ‘Good Behavior’. It’s based on a book series by Blake Crouch. It’s about Letty Dobesh who is a con artist and a thief. Reviews for the series haven’t been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s the usual fare from TNT.

Teen Wolf’ returns to MTV for its sixth and final season. Look for it at 9pm.

Shooter’ is a new series from USA about a former Marine that uncovers a conspiracy plot to assassinate… Who else? Why the President of the United States.

Forgive me for not sounding all that excited. But if this sounds like it’ll trip your trigger, look for it at 10pm.


Wednesday, November 16

The Art Of More’ is back to steaming new episodes on Crackle.

Thanksgiving’ is a new series from and the Go90 app starring Bridey Elliott and her father Chris Elliott. The series is a “real time” account of a family at Thanksgiving. Go90 will be releasing an episode every day until Thanksgiving.

‘Ice’ is a new series on DirecTV about the treacherous diamond trade and they managed to drag in an 81 year old Donald Sutherland for the series. But hey, the true stars of the series are much younger so there’s that. Look for it on DirecTV/AT&T’s Audience channel at 8pm.

Nightcap’ is a new series on Pop about a talent booker on a talk show. There should be lots of inside jokes and hordes of celebrities showing up. Based on my experience with ‘Schitt’s Creek’ also on Pop, I’m giving this joker a shot in my weekly rotation. Look for it on Pop TV at 8pm.

Over on BBC America at 8pm, you’ll find the new series ‘Undercover’. It’s a new political thriller… Woman is attaining a high office, but her husband’s past is about to derail her goal.



Thursday, November 17

The British series ‘Scrotal Recall’ has been rebranded and shipped off to Netflix as ‘Lovesick’. There are now 8 new episodes for all of us lucky viewers. ‘Lovesick’ is about a guy tracking down his sexual partners after he’s been diagnosed with an STD. Think of it as yet another ‘My Name Is Earl’ type of series.


Friday, November 18

Netflix has ‘Beat Bugs’ returning for a second season. It’s an animated family series.


Sunday, November 20

The Librarians’ is back for a third season on TNT at 8pm.

The Affair’ is also back for a third season on Showtime at 10pm.


Monday, November 21

Search Party’ is a dark comedy that got some serious buzz at SXSW this year, but I’m still a little apprehensive about watching it. TBS doesn’t really know comedy, in my opinion. But this series about self-absorbed 20 somethings investigating the disappearance of one of their friends could very well be funny. Look for it at 11pm.


And that does it for this week.

Stay Tuned