Stay Tuned: Eugene’s Guide to TV for November 29-December 4

by Eugene Sims

Did you get your ‘Gilmore Girls’ on over the holiday weekend?

I got in at least the first episode and was thrilled to see a lot of familiar faces from Stars Hollow. There were a lot of Easter eggs sprinkled in for good measure. And you have to love Kirk’s “OOO Ber” scheme during that first episode.

Gosh, how I’ve missed Kirk. And it’s good to see Luke giving out passwords to wifi that doesn’t exist in Luke’s Diner. Luke is a curmudgeon that I can admire.

And now we move into December with only a few new series cranking up. Sure, there are lots of special programs appearing and disappearing during the season. But I don’t typically watch them because they’re usually too sappy and feel good for my emotionally detached self. And like reality series, I don’t feel that it’s all that necessary to include those holiday one-offs.

I can “bah humbug” with the best of them.

Let’s get to what’s new this week, shall we?


Wednesday, November 30

Vikings’ returns to the history channel at 9pm. The series picks up after the summer hiatus with 10 more episodes.

This is a series that I must try. I’ve not seen a single episode, but I know a lot of people that watch it.

Incorporated’ is a new series produced by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Ted Humphrey that takes place in 2074. Imagine a near future where corporations have unlimited power and there you have it. The series has all the trappings of the “Big Brother” scenario with just a little twist. Look for it at 10pm on the SyFy channel.


Friday, December 2

Pacific Heat’ is an Australian animated series that centers around a team of undercover police officers on Australia’s Gold Coast. All 13 episodes drop on Netflix. Be warned. This is not an animated series to watch with the kiddos.


Sunday, December 4

The Royals’ are back for a third season on E! at 10pm.


And that’s all that I have for you this week. There are plenty of new reality shows, but why bother. They’re not worth your time if you’re never going to watch them more than once.


Here are a few suggestions from the past year to search out in case you have a “show hole” to fill when things get quiet during the month of December.

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’

FOX’s ‘The Exorcist’

Hulu’s ‘The Path’

AMC’s ‘Preacher’

Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’

FX’s ‘Atlanta’


Stay Tuned,