Stay Tuned: Eugene’s Guide to TV for November 8-15

By Eugene Sims

Editor’s Note: We’re sorry that this installment of Eugene’s scintillating take on television programming was late. This is, of course, due to circumstances beyond our control that include a UFO sighting, gourmet bug dishes, and the worst Tuesday in American history. Mr. Sims is back now, and we’re all better for it.

So now we’re into the thick of the new fall television season. Some series seem to have what it takes while others sit on the DVR until we’re in “the mood”.  And trust me… When you have to be in “the mood” to watch a series that you were sure to schedule with the trusty DVR, then you should let it go.

I did the same over the weekend with ‘Lethal Weapon’.

The series has failed my “Episode 3 Test”.

We understood from the first episode that Riggs misses his deceased wife. We got it. We really don’t need to be reminded between every commercial break. And unfortunately, the over-the-air networks believe that we are too stupid to remember such a trivial plot device.

After watching that third episode, I immediately deleted the others and cancelled recording the series. Sure, the action is good with the occasional comedic moment. But it wears thin with the flashbacks and ghosts of the wife.


I must be honest. I haven’t seen that many new series offered by the over-the-air networks. The majority of them are inane and lacking in overall quality.

It’s like I always say… If you’re going to waste your time watching television, make it quality television.

Shall we move on to the premieres for the week?


Wednesday, November 9

Netflix drops another season ‘Danger Mouse’ anytime that you and the kiddos would like to watch.


Friday, November 11

All Hail King Julien’ is back on Netflix. And like previously mentioned, new episodes are available whenever you and the kiddos want to them watch.

Case’ is a new series on Netflix and from what I can tell; it seems to be Norwegian or Swedish. It’s about an intelligent lawyer with a drinking problem that finds a reason to give up his reckless life when he investigates the apparent suicide of a teenage girl.

One of my “Best New Shows of 2015” on The Less Desirables podcast is back with another season and I couldn’t be happier. ‘Red Oaks’ is back with its clever and trashy style that walks the line between “teenage sex-romp” and “coming of age”. I’m still not clear if it’s parody on both subjects, but I do know that it’s a pretty darn good series and definitely worth your time.

Documentary meets drama in ‘Roman Empire: Reign In Blood’ in another new series from Netflix.

Saturday, November 12

Disney XD has a new live-action series about a teenager that awakens a giant mechanized robot to protect his hometown of Bay City. ‘Mech-X4’ is billed as a comedy and the network is so sold on it being a hit, they’ve already gave the green light for a second season. Look for it at 8pm.

A&E has a new documentary series called ‘The Killing Season’ debuting at 9pm.

And that does it for this week.

Stay Tuned