Stay Tuned: Eugene’s Guide to TV for the Week of October 25th

By Eugene Sims

Some more television premieres and debuts for your upcoming week…

Wednesday, October 26

Rectify’ returns for its final season on the Sundance channel at 10pm. If you haven’t seen this show yet, seasons 1-3 are on Netflix.


Thursday, October 27

The Big Bang Theory’ brings back its inspired and yet unfunny drivel to CBS at 8pm followed by the debut of ‘The Great Outdoors’ at 8:30pm. And if that’s not enough junk food for your brain, stick around for ‘Mom’ at 9pm, and ‘Life In Pieces’ at 9:30pm.

And if you’re not in a brain-dead “comedy” stupor, stick around for a feel good medical drama called ‘Pure Genius’. The skinny is… Young billionaire tech genius builds a cutting-edge hospital that treats rare medical mysteries at no cost. I’d predict this one going down early, but ‘Bull’ has managed to snag another season while proving me wrong. It’s apparent that the majority of CBS viewers will consume any kind of tripe put onto their plates. Think of ‘Pure Genius’ as ‘House’ meets the Hallmark channel.


Friday, October 28

Amazon drops a new series anytime you want to watch… ‘Good Girls Revolt’. It’s based on a true story that inspired the book written by Lynn Povich. I have a feeling that it’s out to fill that much needed void of shows that take place in the 1960s (I’m being sarcastic). Since it’s on Amazon, I’ll give it a shot and let you know my thoughts. If you’re not a Prime member, you can watch the pilot episode for free. Just click on the link provided.

Skylanders Academy’ is the latest “kids” offering from Netflix. Watch anytime with the kiddos.

Comedy Bang! Bang!’ is back with a doubling up of new episodes to close out its run on IFC at 10pm.

Fans of sketch comedy may recall a show from Tracey Ullman during the early days of the FOX network. Her show spawned ‘The Simpsons’ that are still airing on FOX to this day. She’s returned to HBO via BBC One. You can find ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’ debuting at 11pm.


Saturday, October 29

The British crime thriller starring Gillian Anderson is back on Netflix for most likely its last season. You’ll be getting new episodes of ‘The Fall’ and you can binge the heck out of them.


Monday, October 31

A new series about an alien abductees support group, People of Earth, debuts on TBS at 9pm. Although its pedigree includes Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels (The Office), it’s on TBS. Sure, they would like you to think that TBS series are “very funny” but it just isn’t so. That’s just their marketing department polish turds. I’m open to being surprised, but I doubt it will happen.


And that does it for this week.

Stay Tuned,