Stay Tuned: Eugene’s Guide to TV through December 12th

by Eugene Sims

We’ve got another slow week of new and returning series. And that’s to be expected. The sweeps month of November is over and people are out there shopping for televisions and streaming devices instead of watching them.

But first I’d like to address something.

I’ve been reading articles about how the current season of ‘The Walking Dead’ has hit all time lows with ratings. And from some of the complaints about where the show is now, it sounds as if people want the series killed off.

Was the season premiere too much for the average viewer? Was killing off a core character a deal breaker for some?

I read on social media where friends and their friends just found it to be too much. There was just too much violence when two characters were killed off. As if things in a zombie apocalypse without law and order would be a world of bunnies, back rubs, and puppies.

Hey, I get it. You don’t like violence. You may not care for gore. But it’s not like you didn’t know what you were getting into. They’re stabbing or shooting zombies in the head every week. And when some viewers don’t get enough of zombie killing, they’re complaining about that.

The current season of ‘The Walking Dead’ may be the best one yet. The introduction of Negan has had me clamoring for new episodes every week. If I’m not watching an episode in real-time (the only series that I watch when it airs); I’m watching it at 6 A.M. the next morning off the DVR before I get any spoilers from social media.

I knew that Negan was despicable just from reading the comics. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan has really made that character come to life. Sure, you hate him. You’re supposed to despise him. But I think I’m enjoying him too much.

I look forward to every quip. I like watching Negan do his little lean back when he’s proud of a soul-digging, sarcastic comment that he’s made. And I don’t mind seeing him swing his trusty barbed wired bat named “Lucille”. He IS the most interesting character on the series right now.

I haven’t enjoyed a character like Negan since I saw the film ‘Rob Roy’ with Archibald Cunningham as Roy’s adversary. Tim Roth made Cunningham HIGHLY despicable in so many ways. And that’s why a lot of actors like playing the “bad guys”. They’re usually so much more fun and a lot more interesting.

Will ‘The Walking Dead’ be back?

Sure. Some over-the-air broadcast networks would kill for the ratings AMC gets with every episode. ‘The Walking Dead’ will be around for as long as everyone in the show is content. There are still stories to be told and you know that if you read the comic.

I may not understand exactly why some people would like to see the series go away, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

In cancellation news, the syndicated game show series ‘Celebrity Name Game’ hosted by Craig Ferguson has gotten the ax after three seasons. The announcement was made last Friday, December 2nd. The game show currently airs locally on FOX 8 WGHP in High Point.

So here are the upcoming premieres and debut for the week.


Wednesday, December 7

Shut Eye’ is a new series on Hulu that’s about the “shadowy” world of storefront “psychics” in Los Angeles. The series is produced by Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein (‘Breaking Bad’) and stars Jeffrey Donovan, Kadee Strickland, and Isabella Rossellini. And you’ll be able to binge watch all 10 episodes if you’d like to. I will certainly be checking out this dark comedy.


Friday, December 9

Netflix has a couple of series back for a second season… ‘Club de Cuervos’ and ‘Fuller House’.


Stay Tuned,