Stay Tuned: TV with Eugene – Fall Premieres, Continued

by Eugene Sims

TV Critic Eugene walks you through what’s on TV this week, giving you the info you’ll need to decide what to (and what not to) watch.

Review of Last Week’s Debuts

I managed to give a couple of new over-the-air network debuts a viewing last week. ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘The Exorcist’ were the only shows that had me interested.

‘Lethal Weapon’ on FOX did well in the ratings so it may just make it to a second season. The pilot episode had the character storylines that we have grown to know considering that there are four films in this franchise. I was quite pleased that they didn’t try to sweeten up Riggs’ story so the viewers wouldn’t be so “bummed out”.

Like the films, it’s a mismatched buddy series. The cinematography is lush and has that feel of the first film. There’s plenty of action and the comedy aspects are laid back.

But it suffers from a bit of dumbing down. Was it really necessary to show us the bad guy with a visual flashback?

No. And it’s proof that the smarter shows are being made elsewhere. The over-the-air networks really need to wise up.

‘Lethal Weapon’ has got me so far, but I’m not optimistic about keeping it in my weekly diet. I’m giving it two more episodes until I make a decision. It’s a decent series, but haven’t most of us seen this parade already?

‘The Exorcist’ debuted on FOX last Friday night and the ratings weren’t so good. Rating were a little light, but what would you expect on a night that’s typically a graveyard for any network.

I liked the references to the original film. There was Father Marcus in a fedora. Father Ortega looked up exorcisms online and we saw the famous steps in Georgetown from the original film. And then, there was the money shot… Viewers finally got “Tubular Bells” near the end of the pilot episode.

‘The Exorcist’ didn’t knock the devil out of me, but I’m going with at least 2 more episodes for the series to impress me.

Now let’s get to the premieres for the upcoming week:

Tuesday, September 27

Channel Zero’ debuts on Syfy at 9pm. The main character is obsessed with a children’s television series from the 1980s. He suspects that it may have played a roll in deadly events from his childhood. And like most of SyFy programming, I won’t bother this one either.

Drunk History’ is back for another season of wrong, wrong, and oh so right comedy on Comedy Central at 10pm.


Wednesday, September 28

‘Criminal Minds’ is back for another go round with its predictable procedural practices that really seems to attract older viewers. You can find it on CBS at 9pm. It’ll be followed by the return of ‘Code Black’ at 10pm.

Over on TV Land, we’ve got a couple of shows returning to keep us glued to our seats with boredom… ‘Younger’ drops at 10pm followed by ‘Impastor’ at 10:30pm


Friday, September 30

Marvel’s Luke Cage’ is another comic adaptation for the small screen and you can find it on Netflix.

Crisis in Six Scenes’ is a new series on Amazon starring Woody Allen and Miley Cyrus. It takes place in the turbulent 1960s. I know that everyone is all a flutter about Woody Allen on the small screen, but hasn’t the turbulent 60s been done to death?

I’ll watch to check it out, but I have a feeling I’ll be done with it before the closing credits.


Saturday, October 1

Versailles’ debuts at 10pm on Ovation. It’s a period series with some serious soap opera hooks like deceit, betrayal, love, and lust. I’m sure the costumes will be better than the script.

And ‘Saturday Night Live’ is back for another season on NBC at 11:30ish.

Sunday, October 2

Ash vs. Evil Dead’ is back for a second season on Starz at 8pm followed by the return of ‘Blunt Talk’ at 8:30pm.

Shameless’ is back on Showtime at 9pm.

One series that really has me excited debuts on HBO at 9pm. ‘Westworld’ is based on the film from 1973 where adult amusement parks have robots that help you with your “experience”. If you know nothing about the film, the robot “hosts” malfunction and go the way of most robots in science-fiction. They kill all humans.

And if you need some sleep after ‘Westworld’, turn it on over to CBS at 10pm for a new season of the unimaginative formula that ‘Elementary’ has to offer. It should put you right to beddie-bye.

And to close out your week on Monday, October 3…

Scorpion’ is back on CBS at 9pm with a 2 hour premiere.

For those of you with an insatiable appetite for legal dramas, give ‘Conviction’ a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this new series that no one thought they needed. You’ll find it on ABC at 10pm.

And since we haven’t had enough time traveling sci-fi series where wrongs are being righted, NBC gives us ‘Timeless’ also at 10pm. Personally, I’m betting on this series to be first when the axes start to fall on the new crop of series.
And that does it for this week.

Stay Tuned