Stay Tuned: TV with Eugene – The Last of the Premieres

By Eugene Sims

Well, television fans the two big weeks of premieres have made it to a small screen near you but we have a few stragglers stumbling in. We’ll have the occasional brand new show, but for the rest of the month the ratings friendly stalwarts will be arriving with all new episodes.

So here is what you need to know for the upcoming week…

Tuesday, October 4

The fifth season of ‘The Mindy Project’ hits Hulu.

The Flash’ is back on the CW at 8pm and it will be followed by the debut of ‘No Tomorrow’ at 9pm. The latter is about a woman and her existential crisis. She’s living for today. Blah, blah, and blah. But she meets a man that may or not be unhinged because he believes a catastrophe is only months away. Cray cray or not, she embraces the relationship despite what her friends say. I will not embrace the series at all and I recommend that you steer clear as well.


Wednesday, October 5

Arrow’ is back for another season on the CW at 8pm. And that will be followed by the debut of ‘Frequency’ at 9pm. ‘Frequency’ is a supernatural drama where a dead cop contacts his son through a ham radio in order to rewrite the past. And like the dead cop, I’m betting that this show will go lifeless before too long.


Sunday, October 9

Since we can never seem to have too many shows about a married woman making a new start… ‘Divorce’ is a new comedy debuting on HBO at 10pm. The show stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church and possibly other actors that use their full names. Parker and Church are a couple that could potentially pull in viewers that crave uninventive shows.

That potential dreck will be followed by the debut of ‘Insecure’ at 10:30 also on HBO. The show is based on the web series ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and it’s about two ladies that navigate the professional and their personal scenes in the big city of Los Angeles. And since the series is billed as a comedy, I’m sure many shenanigans will ensue.

Honestly, you’ll get better comedy from the second Presidential debate so go there instead of HBO.


Monday, October 10

Supergirl’ is back and there’s a twist! You won’t find it on CBS this year. The CW has snagged it up to have yet another night with a series based on a DC Comic. Now the network can link them all together for crossovers and salivate over the increased ratings. Look for its new network debut at 8pm.

Over on CBS, there’s a full hour of time-wasting crap with the return of ‘2 Broke Girls’ at 9pm. How this brain dead series continues year after year is beyond me.


There you have it! Another week of premieres and debuts. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with last minute cancellations and changes.

And remember, if you’re going to waste your time watching television make it quality television.



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