The Bootleg, Bootleg Podcast – Episode 1: Introductions and Van Halen

By Tracy from The Bootleg Bootleg Podcast

Welcome to my podcast, The Bootleg Bootleg Podcast. This is a show all about, well you guessed it, Bootlegs. Each episode I choose an artist or a theme and showcase as well as talk about different bootlegs, demos, rarities and other recordings of unknown origins for that given artist. I have been collecting and enjoying listening to these type of recordings ever since I was turned on to them in high school back in 1983!

The podcast launched in March of 2015, and CCD will be running a mashup of past and new episodes every month until we get caught up to date.

In the inaugural episode, below, I discuss and sample many different bootleg live recordings and demos from one of my favorite bands, the Mighty Van Halen! Click on the play button to listen now, or download the podcast to hear it later.


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This show is created as a fan celebration of the artists and music we love. Care is given to attribute all credit to the bands and artists being celebrated, and the creator and hosts of this podcast have received no financial gain from its distribution. If you would like to contact the show, email bootlegbootlegpodcast {at}