Threat of Violence Safely Avoided at Local High School

by Staff

East Forsyth High School has safely avoided a threat of violence, due to the thoughtful actions of students, staff, the SRO, and Kernersville Police.

On Thursday, a note threatening violence was found in the cafeteria at East. The note stated both a specific group of people and a time at which the violence would occur.

east forsyth high
east forsyth high

Trish Gainey, the principal at East, was immediately notified, and she in turn notified the School Resource Officer. The matter was then turned over to the Kernersville Police Department, who decided to send additional officers to the school on Friday to ensure the safety of the students.

Gainey contacted parents by phone and email to notify them about the incident. Some parents chose to keep their students home on Friday as a precaution.

Rumors began to fly around social media as students and parents took to Facebook and Twitter to discuss the matter. In spite of reports on the scale of the incident, WSFCS’s Chris Runge assured CCD that the matter was confined to East and was appropriately handled by all involved.

The time stated in the note has passed, and no violence occurred. The school will continue to receive a higher level of police support throughout activities today as a precautionary measure.

East Forsyth High School is located at 2500 W. Mountain Street in Kernersville.


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Trish Gainey, Principal at East Forsyth
Trish Gainey, Principal at East Forsyth