Under the Big Ass Fan – Desert Noises – Micro Doc

By Jack Pennington

Always great to be back under the big ass fan at The Garage.

My favorite thing to do at The Garage is to show up with no prior knowledge of the band playing and be totally surprised. And this night happened to be a rare treat.

the big ass fan
the big ass fan

Desert Noises, a rock four piece out of Utah, pounded and thumped the stage that night with an energy that was anything but the peaceful lullaby that I imagine when I hear their name. Their presence and talent up there was a stark contrast to the humble nature I sensed during their interview.

And if you can figure out the phrase “post-hipster phenomenon”, I’ll name my first child after you.

The band talks about their beginnings, what it’s like being on the road, and how much they love North Carolina. Let’s get these guys back to The Garage soon!





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