Under the Big Ass Fan – Roadkill Ghost Choir – Micro Doc

By Jack Pennington

Trippy, spacy and a little folky.

roadkill ghost choir
roadkill ghost choir

These cats from my birth state, Florida, know how to teleport your brain pan to an alternate reality, and make you feel as if you’re drifting through some sort of heavy, syrupy, astral soup.

Is this what it felt like to grow up in the early 1970s? If so, I lament my status as a millennial even further.

Roadkill Ghost Choir sat down with me before their show at The Garage to tell me about their music and how terrifying it is to play Letterman.

We also spent a good chunk of time talking about the infamous Tampa Bay Shoe Licker, a local Ybor city celebrity that you should definitely look into, but sadly, I didn’t get any of that conversation into this cut.

Roadkill is an otherworldly experience, another welcome surprise performance for me from The Garage, and now, a staple on my iPod.

Thanks guys. Keep rocking.



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