Wellness Wednesday – Chromotherapy

Color has a significant effect on us, and we may not even know it.  On a subjective level, color can say something about who you are and what you desire or need.  On the other hand, color determines our physical perception of a space (white walls make a room look bigger; a dark ceiling makes it seem shorter).  Color can even be used in emotional healing.  In any case, the use of color affects our everyday lives in ways we may not realize, and it would be helpful for us to become aware of color influences.


First off, some believe color points to your mood.  When we are drawn toward a particular color it can have either universal or subjective significance.  To counteract our mood, we can choose to surround ourselves with a complementary color.  An obvious example would be, if one feels down, otherwise known as “blue,” or if you seek out pale blue colors in your wardrobe or find your eyes wandering to blue objects (water, paint, the daytime sky), you can start wearing orange or find orange objects to look at.

The colors used in our homes, places of work and others buildings affect our perception of the location.  Have you ever noticed doctor’s offices are painted in cool tones, like greens, purples and blues?  These colors tend to make the space appear bigger and open and relaxing.  Have you ever noticed the use of red in restaurants, particularly fast food ones?  Red makes people feel invigorated because it jumps out at us.  And if that red promises food, it’s hard to say no.

The most interesting aspect of color that I discovered was its healing ability, also known as chromotherapy.  As you may remember from grade school, we see colors because of the reflections of light that bounce off the objects around us.  Because of this, colors do have certain energy to them, and this is the basis of chromotherapy.  Some believe colors, when physically focused on, can bring about inner healing. For instance, higher frequency colors, like blue, purple and green, are thought to have “healing agents” that stimulate your mind and allow you to gain understanding of who you are and bring about clarity.


A personal example is my affinity for deep, rich colors, especially purple.  These colors (maroon, plum, deep gold) create a calming, slowing-down effect.  According to crystalinks.com, purple is the color of royalty and regality.  It can be used to heal emotional problems, bones and relax deep tissue in the body.  In my day job, I work with kindergarteners and often crave the quiet of my car and the comfort of my bed after work.  I need an emotional and physical break, and it’s no wonder I lean towards touches of purple in my life: my phone cover, my lounging robe, my bedroom walls, etc.  Just becoming aware of why I may tend toward purple has brought me more insight and understanding of my daily needs.


Want to find healing through chromotherapy, too?  Or just a little curious?  Check out these interesting sites: