Wellness Wednesday – Starting Off Your Day

By Stevi Dinizio


With so many lifestyle options out there, it can be difficult to find what really works for you, and more than that, what option you can actually stick to.  We have jump-start diets, lifestyle changes, chemical-free foods, local foods, etc., but how do we choose and how do we follow through?  Well, fortunately and unfortunately, there is no one right answer.  How we live is determined by what we choose.  And we can change that at any time.

In the quest towards wellness, there are many paths and many processes.  And on these Wednesdays when we focus on wellness, we here at Camel City will not offer solutions, answers, or magic words, simply different processes by which we can seek a healthy life.

To kick-off our first Wednesday of wellness, we look at the four areas of our life, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social, and one habit to keep that area strong.  Again, this is not an answer to any and all problems, simply food for thought.




Learn to unwind and de-stress:  There’s a good reason why people do yoga like a religion.  Not only is the practice great for your physical body, it also allows for emotional response and release.  But there are many ways to de-stress that are healthy, positive, and even holistic.  You can try a mindless activity, from playing non-violent video games to coloring (my personal favorite) to playing single-player card games (i.e. – Solitaire).  Also, just staying out in nature can decrease stress.  According to studies, even just viewing nature through your window at work can give you more satisfaction with your job than without the view.



Laugh a lot:  This act is closely associated with our emotional health, but it also helps to shift our perspective on life while doing it.  In general, our spiritual lives have to do with our individual pursuit of meaning and purpose.  Whether or not you already have a meaning or purpose in your life which directs all your steps and decisions, the physical act of laughing comes from and produces inner joy and contentment.



Take a walk:  I know, I know, you’ve heard this a billion times at least.  But it’s so true!  Physical activity boosts your metabolism and builds your endurance to get through the longest of days.  And a good starting point is to just take a walk, whenever and wherever.  On a holistic level, walking in nature can increase your energy and lower your stress.  But I’ve even witnessed people taking to the mall to walk the long pathways before stores open in the morning.  Taking just twenty minutes each day to walk can strengthen your heart, muscles, and keep your weight in check.




Have a face-to-face conversation, with no distractions:  This can actually be very hard to do.  With so much to do each day, we can easily get into the habit of multi-tasking.  But no matter how good you are at it, having a conversation while checking your email, making a list, browsing Facebook, etc. does nothing to help your relationships.  Dividing your attention between two things only allows you to be half-committed.  And whether you really care for that person or not, having positive relationships with others, even if only for the sake of a more peaceful work environment, can give us a better sense of connection and overall satisfaction in life.