Why are Art Pope and Civitas Meddling in Winston-Salem Affairs?

Open Letter to Art Pope

Dear Art,
So this is how it is going to be? Not content to simply buy the state government of North Carolina, you and your slimy country club cohorts now want to tell the City of Winston-Salem and Winston-Salem State University how we should be doing our business? We don’t have a Roses here anymore in Winston-Salem for a reason, bubba… no one here wants to buy your crap.

Dale Folwell – a former local legislator, failed candidate for Lt. Governor, and current Governor McCrory appointee – has been jamming his pudgy fingers into this deal for the last couple of weeks working hard as a lobbyist against the sale in spite of the fact that Dale is NOT a registered lobbyist and he has a day job that is funded (sweetly) by tax payer money. Instead of working on his job as Assistant Secretary in the NC Department of Commerce (responsible for the state’s unemployment insurance system) Folwell seems intent on pretending to still be a legislator, like Norma Desmond waiting for her close-up while trying to settle old race-based, local grudges. Now you Art Pope and your employees at Civitas have inserted themselves into Winston-Salem by publishing a long argument as to why our local officials, businesses and processes just can’t be trusted to handle the people’s business, and therefore obviously need rich oligarchs and outsiders to come in and tell us how to do our thing.


We’d like to know what Governor McCrory thinks of his people wading into a racially divisive issue that has already been negotiated and decided locally by WSSU, the racing promoters, the City of Winston-Salem, and Forsyth County’s legislative delegation – including both the Democrats and Republicans. We have called his office repeatedly over the last two weeks and McCrory’s press shop has remained silent. Apparently not only do the boys in Raleigh think they know better than we in Winston-Salem about how to manage our city- they don’t even think the people of Winston-Salem deserve an explanation as to why they are meddling in our pond.

This is Winston-Salem, killer. It isn’t Charlotte, Asheville, Guilford County, or Wake County. We gave birth to the industrial revolution in North Carolina. We made North Carolina world famous. We are the home of RJ Reynolds who broke the backs of oligarchs like you when he helped Teddy Roosevelt crush the Duke Tobacco Trust. We have a proud and noble tradition in business, banking, textiles, tobacco, and manufacturing. Now we have our bio-tech research folks at Wake Forest University growing human ears in petri dishes over at H. Ross Johnson’s old RJR “Crystal Palace”. We can handle our business Art, Pat, and Dale. We simply don’t need you.

Art, hoss, this is just another case of “old white guys” who think they know better than our HBC (Historically Black College), Mayor, City Council, state legislators, business people, and the citizens of Winston-Salem. Tell you what… why don’t you stay in Wake County and meddle somewhere else. I promise not to come up to your house and try to tell you how to run it if you stay the hell out of ours. You’ve done enough damage already and the last thing Winston-Salem needs is any of your “help”.

Oh yeah… and as a trade, we’ll let you keep Dale.


All the best,


Chad Nance

Editor-in-Chief CCD

July 23, 2013

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