Winston-Salem Democrat Calls for an Investigation into NC Democratic Party Chair

By Chad Nance


Local Democratic Party stalwart and political media consultant Frank Eaton has released a video calling for aggressive investigations into North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller.  Mr. Eaton’s charges include:

  • Stacking the State Executive committee
  • Derailing investigations into his own behavior and actions
  • Bullying NC Democratic Party employees
  • Naming himself Executive Director of the NC Democratic Party
  • Improper firing and hiring paractices
  • Misuse of Party funds including hiring un-needed political consultants and using the NC Democratic Party Credit Card for a personal trip to Las Vegas.

This is not the first time Voller has found himself in trouble recently.  Both his personal tax debt (which led to the credit card misuse according to sources) and his comparison of the Republican’s right-wing agenda as “rape” have cause many Democratic Party activist in North Carolina to begin to ask serious questions.  Eaton is asking Democrats who will be attending the State Convention over the weekend demand transparency within the party and call Voller to task on some very serious issues.


You can see Frank Eaton’s full video below:

For the Good of the Party from The Bully Documentary Co on Vimeo.