WSPD Thanks Officers & Citizen Heroes Following Fiery Crash Involving School Bus

From the Winston-Salem Police Department

The Traffic Enforcement Unit of the Winston-Salem Police Department is continuing its investigation into this morning’s crash involving a school bus and a truck, and the following information has come to light thus far during the investigation:

When the vehicles collided in the intersection they became attached to each other due to the impact causing the vehicle parts to become intertwined. As officers arrived on the scene, the Ford F-150 truck, driven by Terry McCarney, caught fire. Several officers utilized their issued fire extinguishers to repeatedly quell the flames; however, they could not fully extinguish the fire, nor could they remove Mr. McCarney Jr. from the vehicle, as his driver’s door was crushed, and he was entrapped.

A citizen, Mr. George L. Rodgers, was driving by and stopped at the scene. He had a tow chain in his truck and with no regard for his own safety, he used his own vehicle to pull Mr. McCarney’s vehicle free from the school bus. Officers were then able to utilize crowbars to pry the driver’s door open and better extinguish the flames as Fire Department units arrived on the scene.

There were 2 children on the bus at the time of the crash, but no one on the bus was injured.. Mr. Terry McCarney was transported to a local Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

This investigation is ongoing, however, the Winston-Salem Police Department would like to thank Mr. Rodgers for his willingness to assist these officers in a potentially life threatening situation.

The officers involved in this rescue have been identified as:

Police - Gerald
Police - Rendleman
Police - Boyles
Police - Amaya







Officer S.B. Everhart is a 12 year veteran of the WSPD

Corporal J.B. Gerald is an 8 year veteran of the WSPD

Officer A. C. Sawyers is a 4 year veteran of the WSPD

Officer R. M. Rendleman is a 3 year veteran of the WSPD

Officer E.W. Boyles is a 2 year veteran of the WSPD

Officer G.S. Amaya is a 2 year veteran of the WSPD


Authorities ask that anyone with further information please contact the Winston-Salem Police
Department at 336-773-7700 or CrimeStoppers at 336-727-2800.